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Civilization for DOS | GOTM Scenario, March-April 2006

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  • Civilization for DOS | GOTM Scenario, March-April 2006

    Civilization for DOS | GOTM Scenario, March-April 2006

    Civ1 - Game of the Month


    Travelers report:
    We have traveled far and wide and you kingdom is by far the weakest. There is only one land bridge that connects you to the other kingdoms, but your peninsula is large and will support your subjects. A group of unattached phalanxes guard your southern mountains.

    People: Romans Click here for GOTM March 2006 zip file
    Level: King
    goal: conquest
    • Shortest amount of time (players with same year civ score breaks tie).
    • If no conquest then earliest space ship landing.
    • If none of the above the player who lasts the longest wins.

    All Entries must be submitted before April 15, 2006

    Entries will consists of a zip file with all auto save games. If 3000bc & 2000bc may be overwritten then rename them Civil2.* and Civil3.*. The move before your last move will be saved as civil0.*. Include your Replay.txt, your year and score.

    • Use version 5. No version 1 (i.e. 474.01 or 475.01) Click here to upgrade to version 5
    • No use of other programs (map viewers, Editors, etc...)
    • Overuse of settler cheat - if you use it so state it.

    Note: In test play the other countries seemed to get a lot of the wonders. If they don't get a large proportion it will indicate heavy use of the save game cheat

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    Amazing game! Loved it man.