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  • Civilization Revolution 2

    From Firaxis' Facebook page:

    We’re proud to announce that Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution 2 is launching as a premium title on July 2 for iOS devices, including the iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and iPod Touch.

    (Android fans: #CivRev2 will be coming soon to Android devices.)

    Developed exclusively for mobile platforms, Civilization Revolution 2 combines the core elements of the Civilization series with intuitive controls and a friendly user interface, designed specifically for touch-pad devices.
    Stay tuned for screenshots and sneak peeks at #CivRev2 this week!

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    RevCast Podcast Shifting to CivRev2

    Greetings, CivRev players.

    In a couple of days I intend to make the following official announcement, but wanted to give everyone who has and may further reply to this thread a detailed preview of it. After 5 years and 50 episodes, the RevCast podcast is shifting its focus to Civilization: Revolution 2. The aim is for 6 episodes to be recorded and released in the second-half of 2014.

    If you are interested and available to be a regular co-host, please send me a PM and I'll follow-up with you. The first and foremost qualification to participate is, naturally, that you play CivRev2! Looking forward to hearing from you.
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