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  • Q&A with Barry Caudill

    XBox community manager Graeme Boyd had a Q&A session with Barry Caudill, producer of Civilization: Revolution for Firaxis Games about the XBox version of the game. Barry answers questions about the reason for creating a console version of Civ, the design challenges they encountered while doing so, various aspects of gameplay, the XBox LIVE functionality and plans for downloadable content for the game. On the last Barry has the following to say:

    We have some very cool DLC that we’ll offer on XBL starting in mid-July and continuing through the end of the year. We’ve also built the most competitive multiplayer experience ever delivered in a civ game that will be supported by all of the great features offered on XBL like auto-matching, ranked games, leaderboards and achievements. We’re also offering the “Game of the Week” in which we’ll provide a new game each week for people to play and then post their best scores online so we can declare “The World’s Best Civ Player” every week!

    You can read the full Q&A session on gaming site WonderwallWeb.
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