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Dancing bears in tutus!

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  • Dancing bears in tutus!

    The British online technology tabloid The Inquirer has posted a preview of Firaxis's upcoming Civilization: Revolution. Author Charlie Demerjian opens his article in true tabloid style: Any true strategy gaming fan is going to die a little inside when I say this, but the Civilization series is coming to consoles in a simplified form.

    He then explains that to streamline the game a lot of things had to be hidden, and please note, that does not mean had to go. Most of the nitty-gritty stuff is still there, it is just automated and thus kind of hidden. If you want to micromanage all your worker units turn by turn, you can, but I can't say how the console controls will work for that.

    He notes that the result is a game that plays much more like the original Civilization than the more recent incarnations. Units get much stronger bonuses and the gameplay is faster. According to Demerjian the animations look better than ever and (but?) cartoony. As example he shows us a screenshot of dancing bears in tutus(!) as part of a throne room animation.

    He concludes by saying: To me, the idea of Civ, even a cut down Civ, on the DS is very compelling. It could make long lines and airplane flights tolerable again. Read the full article on The Inquirer.

    All I can say is: ...
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    I hope they have sharks with frickin' laser beams on their head too!
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      What the ****?


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        Re: Dancing bears in tutus!

        Originally posted by Locutus
        As example he shows us a screenshot of dancing bears in tutus(!) as part of a throne room animation.
        I don't see a problem with this. People wanted the throne room back - well there you go. With dancing bears.
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