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Lack of "CivRev" for PSP Explained

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  • Lack of "CivRev" for PSP Explained

    Not enough necessary resources is the reason why there will be no Civilization: Revolution on the PlayStation Portable console platform come next year. Developer Firaxis Games is doing all the work in-house on the Nintendo DS PlayStation 3, Wii and XBox 360 versions. As it is, the Wii version of CivRev will be two seasons later coming following its release on the other platforms.

    "[W]e realised that we could free up enough guys to do it, but we don't have enough guys to then do a PSP version as well", Firaxis Executive Producer Barry Caudill told Eurogamer.

    Caudill did hint at the possibility of a PSP version materializing "in a timely fashion" if that work was outsourced, but "right now we're just doing all these in-house and that's the official word".
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