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Meier Talks "CivRev" at E3 2007

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  • Meier Talks "CivRev" at E3 2007

    Sid Meier talks to GameSpot's Andrew Park about Civilization: Revolution to ship in stages next year for the major console platforms already available.

    [Developer] Firaxis Games employees have] been working on a control scheme to work well with console controller; that console games seem to have matured to the point where many offer strategic depth; and, most importantly, that the team finally felt they had a game design that would work well and be entertaining on the console platforms.
    As could be gleamed from earlier online features [see stories], CivRev will feature a smaller-scale technology tree but will have -- in Meier's words -- "all of the essentials". On the victory front, an in-game status bar will allow players at a glance to monitor the progress along each possible path. Also disclosed for the first time are seven hidden relics located on the game's maps like in Seven Cities of Gold released more than twenty years ago.

    Meier affirmed his company's commitment to developing for the PC, "but we see no reason to deprive console players of these experiences".
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