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A First "CivRev" Preview from "E3"

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  • A First "CivRev" Preview from "E3"

    A two-page preview of Civilization: Revolution has been published on IGN. Written by the network's Steve Butts, he reports from the restructured and by invitation-only E3.

    Summary of new information:

  • smaller scale than PC version: goal is to create a version of [the game] that can be played start to finish in a matter of a few hours
  • Each of the 16 civilizations have a unique look and unique abilities through not only colour but also architectural style and unit dressing
  • unique abilities of each civilization are going to be more significant and specific to each civilization, e.g. Egyptians get trade bonuses for building cities in the desert
  • victory conditions noted are military conquest, space race that focuses more on building a large ship to maximize your victory points than the upcoming Beyond the Sword expansion for Civilization IV and culture victory based on converting enemy cities and gaining a huge roster of Great People
  • three different types of barbarians -- one from cold, temperate and warm climates -- will have their own unique look and specific units
  • [N]o anarchy, and no worrying over the placement of specific improvements around your cities as in current Civ titles
  • advisers last seen in Civilization II are back with at least one new twist: will... point to specific areas of the map when they have comments to make about threats or opportunities you're facing
  • gauge rival reaction in diplomacy before taking action, relative to their power in each individual game
  • spy units can steal Great People from other players
  • as units win and upgrade, their visual appearance will change so you can see at a glance just what each unit is capable of
  • merge three units of the same type into a single army that functions as a super unit: three times the health and all its units benefit from each promotion that any of the constituent units possessed
  • rare Elite unit status will automatically upgrade every time you research an appropriate technology
  • trophy room present is similar to throne room of Civ titles past, but more animated
  • leader boards and matchmaking for general games to track progress against other players

    CivRev will be released on the Nintendo DS, PlayStation 3 and Xbox360 in Spring 2008. It will come to the Nintendo Wii that fall.
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    And the new screenshots can be seen here (Dutch site, though).


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      I think CivR may work out. DS release sounds nice (if it isn't dumbed down completly like AoE was). Hopfully you can choose to play a longer game.
      The video may avatar is from


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