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  • RevCast Now Focusing on CivRev2

    After 5 years and 50 episodes RevCast (RC), the Civilization podcast focusing on its console platforms, is shifting that focus to the Civilization: Revolution sequel CivRev2 which itself is a mobile-platform only title. While this does not preclude further CivRev coverage in the future, primary attention is now on the new title released today. The aim is for 6 episodes to be recorded and released in the second-half of 2014. If you are interested and available to be a regular co-host, and play CivRev2 send a Private Message (PM) to the show's owner and editor expressing such interest and include the following information:

    - a summary of your experience in playing one more titles in the Civilization series to date;
    - an account of any previous podcasting experience, if/as applicable; and
    - why you believe you would be well suited in the role.

    RC went into an unexpected period of hiatus at the start of this year after the regular panel left the show due to combinations of unavailability and waning interest in the six-year-old original, where the public effort to replace them yielded little interest and insufficient results. RevCast is the second spin-off of the Civ strategy-centric PolyCast; fellow sibling ModCast focuses on Civ modding, SCivCast on Civ social gaming and TurnCast on Civ multiplay.
    PolyCast Co-Host, Owner and Producer: entertaining | informing civ
    >> PolyCast (Civ strategy), ModCast (Civ modding), TurnCast (Civ multiplay); One More Turn Dramedy

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    Where would we be without Civ: Revolution 2 podcast by danQ?


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      So glad I found this community! Been a big Civ fan since the first one in the 90's.

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        Welcome pooltableguy44 .


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          So what have you found so far, Madel? Welcome!


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            Interesting. Where can i find more of DanQ's podcasts?