Here's the latest TCG Editor v1.01 for Civ III saved games. Here's a list of the features:
  • Change victory conditions
  • Change forced retirement date
  • Modify treasury gold for all civs in game
  • Reveal the entire world map
  • Works with versions 1.07f and 1.16f (pre and post-patch)
  • Change the Player's Civ
  • New in version 1.01:Change the random seed stored in the game

The zip file has 2 files in it, the executable and a help file. The help file is a little thin right now, but it's there for future expansion. There is NO UNDO function, so be sure to save edited files under a new name. I don't recommend editing important SAV files and saving right back over them.

All you have to do is unzip the 2 files into the same directory anywhere you like and create a shortcut to the executable file on your desktop.

The editor is statically linked, making it a little big in size, but with all the different versions of Windows out there now I figured it might be better to avoid any dependencies on installed VC++ runtime DLLs. As a result, it should work on all versions of Windows that Civ3 itself does.

I edited this post to update the ZIP download attachment and for some reason I can't do it. So... LOOK FOR THE ATTACHMENT BELOW IN ANOTHER POST FROM ME