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UTILITY: PowerBar Trainer for CIV III

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  • UTILITY: PowerBar Trainer for CIV III

    I'd like to introduce my latest freeware trainer for CIV III to the Apolyton boards. It's called PowerBar, as it resembles a retractable tool bar which resides in the upper righ corner of the screen, and provides players with a good deal of power over all tribes and cities.

    Since it's too large to post, it's available for review and download at .

    Here's a quick look at the features:
    1. Identifies all civs currently playing.

    2. Gives player complete control over all treasuries - set them at will.

    3. Identifies all cities, and sorts them by tribe.

    4. Gives players the ability to complete (at no expense) or ruin the production in any city (player's or opponent's).

    5. Allows player to build a particular unit or improvement in each city of a selected tribe with the click of a button. Simply select a city bulding the unit of choice, then click the "Donate (D)" button and voila, each city completes the project (at no expense). This quickly adds marketplaces, banks, etc. to each of your cities, rather than visiting every city individually. And it builds huge militaries FAST.

    6. Allows players to complete the existing production in each city for a given tribe with the click of a button.

    7. Allows the player to ruin the production in each city of a selected tribe.

    8. Allows players to assign opponents to an "Enemy List", whereby any of the folowing options are imposed each turn:
    -Destroy all unit production (all cities for each tribe)
    -Destroy only settler units (all cities for each tribe)
    -Destroy building production (all cities for each tribe)
    -Ruin research progress
    -Empty the treasury
    Great for limiting enemy expansion early in the game, or controlling military build ups.

    9. The PowerBar resides in the upper right corner of the screen, and can be retracted upward and out of the way using the "Hide" button. It returns when the player clicks on the lower part of the bar that remains barely visible while retracted.

    Feedback, suggestions, and bug reports can be sent to me at

    Thanks, and enjoy

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    I keep getting a "Runtime error 9 Subscript out of Range". Any idea what causes this?


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      Is this really any different from the previous Powerbar trainer posted on Civ Fanatics last month?
      "I say shoot'em all and let God sort it out in the end!


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        Load Errors with latest revision

        Since I can't login at CivFatatics for some reason, I'll post the problem I see with the 1.17f revision that I find with Win 98. I get a Load Error 339, what ever that is. I can do a print screen and attach the followup discripter banner if you like.


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