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Troubles playing BINK video files.

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  • Troubles playing BINK video files.

    I haven't had the chance to play the game, yet.
    My problem is that I am unable to launch it : it freezes when it starts playing those # BINK video files with 100% CPU resources in use (and not even the smallest entry in the event viewer), and the beginning (less than 1 second) of the sound track looping for a few seconds.
    I have tried everything mentioned in, two cracks (one before installing the patch, the other one after (and why should I crack a game that I own?)), then I have downloaded the player at, and I successfully reproduced the same problem in another context.
    Now, what I find very strange is that I have played Mechwarrior2 (which uses those bink files too) on the same computer without any trouble at all.
    I use an AMD750 with 256M, an NVidia GForce2MX, Creative SoundBlaster PCI512 (SB Live!), Win2KS sp2 with all the relevant hotfixes as of December the 1st, DirectX8.1, and a AOpen DVD and a Yamaha CD Writer (hence the so called "cracks").
    So does anyone have any information about how to play those files on Win2K ?
    Is there any command line option that would allow me to launch the game without having to see the animations, or to disable them completely ?

    Season's greetings ;-)
    De biais si je peux, de front si je

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    Read The Friendly Manual.

    To quote the readme.txt: "If you experience movie performance problems on Windows 2000, replace the binkw32.dll in the folder you installed Civilization III into with the binkw32.dll located on the CD in the \Bink\Win2k folder."

    There ya go!


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