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  • OneFootInTheGrave
    Q: Why doesn't a World Wonder in conquered city produce any culture for my civ after I conquered it even though in the manual it say's that I should get the benefits now?

    A: (if i remember correctly) the wonder starts producing culture from zero, adding up for as many years you hold it, not for how many long it exists
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  • Deathwalker
    Q: Is there anyway to save a game as a scenario, or have we lost that gem forever Also why is the load scenario option only good for loading maps
    A: Maps, scenarios and mods are now in one file format: .bic files
    The editor can not create scenarios right now, that's why we dont have any scenarios to load from the "load scenarios" option
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  • Pyrodrew
    Q:I cannot wait! Is there a quicker way to disband a city than the one mentioned earlier?
    A:No. However, if you want a city gone as soon as possible have 1 military unit standing outside the city you want gone. Sell all improvements & remove all units from that city. Give that city to your worst enemy. Now re-conquer the city & instead of installing a new governor - raze the city. The disadvantages to this are those associated with razing & the fact that if you didn't have an enemy before you definitely do now.
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  • Grunthex
    Q: Why can't I disband cities with settlers like Civ 2?
    A: You can. To disband (remove) a city, simply produce a settler while the city is size 2 or less, or a worker while the city is size 1. The key is you MUST have 0 food growth in the city. If the city has any surplus food, the settler/worker will be delayed without saying anything to you until the city grows, then the unit produced.

    Q: I didn't change governments when I was offered the chance after researching it, now I can't. Why?
    A: You can! Either go to the Domestic Advisor (F1) and click the little green tab that lists your current government type. Your advisor will ask if you wish to start a revolution. In several turns, you will be asked what form of government you wish to enter. You can also use the Shift-G hotkey from the map.
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  • adaMada
    Q: Did they take the goto city command out of Civ 3?
    A: No, the command is "ctrl-shift-G".
    Last edited by MarkG; June 3, 2002, 03:51.

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  • adaMada
    Continuing with the keyboard command Q and A's...

    Q: Is there an easy way to make your workers automatically expand your road network?
    A: Ctrl-N will set a worker to automatically network cities, which pretty much is making sure all the cities are connected to your trade network (by building roads). I don't know if this applies to railroads -- haven't gotten that far yet.
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  • Skanky Burns
    Shortcut Keys

    Q: If I have a Civ manual, but can only look at 5 pages of it, what pages would it be??
    A: Pages 196 - 200

    Q: Whats on pages 196 - 200??
    A: All the shortcut keys for the game
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  • adaMada
    Q: I'm playing a game with sixteen civs. I can't see all the civs faces in the Foreign Advisor. Oh, the horror! What to do?
    A: Shift-Right Click on a space in the foreign advisor to 'assign' a civ to that space. If you need to, you can change what each space means from civ to civ to civ, or you can just set it once with the eight faces you use the most, and leave it that way. Again, another gym from the readme that came with the game...
    Last edited by MarkG; June 3, 2002, 04:03.

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  • adaMada
    Q: How the heck does one upgrade a unit?
    A: Select the unit. Put it in a city with barracks. Hit the "U" key. If it can be upgraded, a box will pop up asking you if you want to spend x gold to upgrade.

    Q: How the heck does one upgrade all the units of one type?
    A: Select one of the units in a city with barracks. Hit "Shift-U". If you select to spend the gold, whatever units can be upgraded will be upgraded.

    Q: How the heck do you know all this stuff?
    A: There's a big list of all the keyboard commands in the manual. To find out where all this is... keep reading . Also, check the readme that came with the game for last minute changes, several of which are some of the more useful key commands.

    Q: GRRRR! I'm sick of going into the city screen to change a city's production! GRRRR!
    A: That's not a question, but there's an answer anyway . Shift-Right Click on a city, and you'll get a drop-down box that can change the city's production. Another gym covered in the readme file that came with the game .

    -- adaMada
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  • adaMada
    Markos: You mentoined giving numbers somewhere above, but I don't understand what you want, and no one else seemed to -- so if I'm doing this wrong, please either edit this post or post and let me know so I can fix it...

    Patch Questions -- All of these are to the best of my understanding, so if anyone knows otherwise PLEASE correct me. All of these are posted as of Nov. 17, 2001, so this information may not be accurate for long.
    Q: Has a patch date been set?
    A: As of 11/17 no, but there are some hints that it'll be sometime around the end of the month.

    Q: Will curruption be fixed in the patch?
    A: According to Soren Johnson, they're looking into it, but no definate answers as far as this.

    Q: Will they add stacked movement or something like it in a patch?
    A: No one knows...

    Q: Will they remake Civilization 3, rename it "Voodoo Battle Ground", repackage it, make it a first person shooter up, and give it to everyone for free as a 700 MB patch file?
    A: I hope not .

    Q: Do we know ANYTHING definate about the patch as of yet?
    A: Not really, except that there'll be one .

    I'll try to add some other stuff when I think of it, but I noticed that patch questions-answers were absent, so I thought I'd fill them in. If I'm wrong in any way above, please correct me -- or when this information changes, as it's very dated)...

    -- adaMada

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  • MarkG
    Q: Does civ3 have any scenarios?
    A: No
    Q: Does civ3 have any maps?
    A: Yes, two versions(standard, huge sizes) of the world map
    Q: Where can i find more maps and other files
    A: here

    Q: Will this will be turned into a decent looking faq at some time?
    A: If lots of nice people contribute to it, Markos will act accordingly

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  • Yoleus
    Some doubts and a contribution

    Spontaneous, successful.

    Would not be a "real" FAQ a better solution?

    Q: is this a FAQ?
    A: not exactly.
    Q: is this a thread?
    A: not exactly.
    Q: only CivIII owners can post here?
    A: I do not know.
    Q: numbers for uncovered topics. Uncovered in this thread or in the site?
    A: I do not know.

    Anyway, my contribution:

    Q: are there nukes in CivIII?
    A: yes, two kind of them: tactical (6 squares radius, cost less) and ICBM (hit everywhere, cost more)

    Q: what are the effects of a nuclear hit?
    A: ONE unit is surely destroyed, other units can be destroyed or damaged at random. If you attack a city, half the population and a small random number of buildings disappear (you can't completely wipe out a city with nukes, but you can RAZE -wipe out- it with groung units). Other civs can decide you are a worse guy that they thought before, sometimes declaring war on you if they did not have a good opinion on you. You produce pollution, which may trigger a global warming.

    Q: I know I need a wonder before making nukes, the Manhattan Project. Is it a major or minor wonder?
    A: Major, so one build it for all, even if a minor wonder could have been a better idea IMHO.

    Q: can I load nukes into subs?
    A: you need only to load tactical nukes, because ICBM can hit everywhere from any of your cities. And yes, you can load ONE nuke on a sub (not 8 as in CivII)

    Q: do I need special resources for building nukes?
    A: Oil and uranium. And because uranium has a quite higher chance of depleting than other resources, if you happen to have it in your territory use it quickly.

    Q: is there any way to prevent a nuclear attack on my cities?
    A: either you control all the uranium on the map (but resources can pop up sometimes, so you are never sure) or you build the SDI defence, a MINOR wonder, which gives the foreign nukes a 25% chance to hit your cities.

    Q: is MAD (cold war Mutual Assured Destruction) implemented?
    A: sadly, no. But people are complaining, so maybe a patch, an expansion or a mod can do the trick.

    Q: are nukes underpowered or just right?
    A: this is being debated in some threads. No clear (= Apolyton collective) answer so far.
    Last edited by MarkG; June 3, 2002, 03:44.

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  • MarkG
    Thank you once more for your feedback GP

    Q: Does Civ3 have multiplayer function?
    A: No
    Q: Why?
    A: Probably cause the delay would be too big if they choose to finish both SP and MP
    Q: So no MP at all?
    A: Firaxis is "working on some cool multiplayer concepts that will take a fresh approach to the challenge of making multiplayer for a turn-based game fun"
    Q: Will i have to pay for an MP expasion?
    A: No official answer. Then again, we're living in a capitalistic society.....

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  • Kriton
    Q. What are the benefits of a expansionist civ?
    A. They get lots of advances early on in goodie huts. They also have a great chance of making contact with others very early, which means they can trade, etc.
    CA. If you are isolated, the scout is essentially useless. If there are many civs, they you may not get many goodie huts.
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  • MarkG
    started a topic The CIV3 FAQ

    The CIV3 FAQ

    Now, let's see if we can behave like logical people in this forum

    The Apolyton Estalbishment would like to propose to everyone to take a step back and this about what he has been posting the last two weeks and try to see the other side

    Rules of posting on this thread:
    - You must post a common complaint/question/argument
    - The subject could vary from if one can make scenarios with the editor(in which case the answer should be a simple "no" and not a whole analysis on firaxis' development plan) to the argument that democracy should have less corruption
    - You must also post the answer/counter argument to it
    - If you post about something not covered, you must a put a new number for it(if the last was #25, you should use #26)
    - Corrections on the answers should not be made, only additions(e.g. dont try to correct other people, just add your perspective)

    Lets see how civilized we are....

    The FAQ is now indexed and properly diplayed
    - Gameplay, features, rules, tips
    - Interface
    - Customization
    - Bugs, technical questions
    Last edited by MarkG; June 3, 2002, 13:14.