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    Currently playing the 10 bands map which came with C3C and I'm using aircraft carriers to support attacks on the AI civs and to defend my outlying island outposts. My sole reason for doing this is that I have decided to win by spaceship rather than cultural/domination/annihilation/diplomatic and as the islands are rather important for this (not wanting to spoil the map for those who haven't played it) then I want them all. Nothing like a monoploy to protect myself from inconvient suprises. I'm also using this particular map as a testing ground for various other tweaks to my usual playing style.

    With regard to the carriers, an aircraft carrier holds 4 aircraft (unmodded). Usually I load 3 nr bombers and 1 nr fighter with the fighter set to air superiority. However I've yet to see these fighters scramble to defend the carrier battlegroup. As usual fighters based in a nearby city will defend the fleet.

    The question is thus: can fighters on a carrier carry out air superiority missions?

    Following on from this, how many fighters in a city are effective? Only four flak/Mobile SAM units are effective per city. Is there are similar rule for fighters?

    Thanks in advance for any responses/suggestions/ideas.



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    I have never seen or heard of a fighter from a carrier shooting down a plane. I suspect it is broken. The only data on AA is for ground units like flaks, but I would not be surprised to learn the rules apply to fighters as well.

    So 4 is likely to be all that is considered. I like an extra in case I lose one. I find the best way to defend is to bomber the locations that have fighters, till they are destroyed.

    I would only put bombers on carriers, except for recon uses. If I do not need a recon, then no fighters. I rarely use carriers as you can just land and take the area by force or use an airfield instead.


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      Thanks vmxa1,

      Looks like it will be bombers only on carriers with some fighters for recon.

      Merry xmas



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        fighter support

        I've always put a fighter on my aircraft carrier in an air superiority role. But now that you mention it, I've never seen it shoot down an attacker...
        merry ho ho.


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          I'm surprised because I've played several user created scenarios and have seen fighters based on carriers shoot down enemy aircraft. Usually this happens when the enemy tries to bomb the stack that contains the carrier borne fighters.

          Could this be something that is not happening in the regular epic game?
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            never seen it.
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              I have found that bombers/carriers ain't worth squat. The only instance is to protect your transports close to the enemy shoreline.


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                I have seen carrier based fighters shoot down enemies multiple times. The trick to get fighters that are on carriers to shoot down enemy planes is to reset the air superiority mission every time you move the carrier.
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                  Take immediate management of a automatic super-carrier and its range of on-board drone automobiles. Use technique and vehicle fight to obtain management of an islands of destinations in order to develop a source system, trying to colonize and protect destinations before an attacker service provider can do the same.
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                    I can confirm this one. I am playing pacif war in Civ III Conquests and fighters shoot attacker sdown fine if I park the carrier, fortify it, then set the fighter to air superiority mission. I am uncertain, but probably have to set the mission each turn after I am certain the carrier will not be moving further. I don't know if fortify status matters, but probably not. I am currently parked on Honalulu's doorstep pounding them to dust and allied aircraft can hardly touch me. It's a good thing this is just a game eh? When I played the US, the Japanese ships fled the scene after attacking the first round, just like in the real history of Pearl Harbor, except then they hung around long enough to make sure they sunk all the ships first. In that scenario, they just ran and all my remaining ships chased like wolves taking down many stragglers along the way.


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                      I just had an incident in conquests pacific that suggests that fortifying a carrier before assigning air superiority may be critical as I shot down attacking planes striking navy before but this time nothing even though I moved the carrier before assigning a zero to AS role that turn

                      This sort of maKes sense since real carrier need to face the wind for safe aircraft launch


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                        I dont think that fighters on a carrier have carry out air any superiority missions.
                        As mostly there are
                        bombers on carriers rahter than fighter.


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                          That is what I thought. The content stuff, like Pacfic, are modified rule sets. So you do get some things that behave differently that non modded games.