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    Do flak units animate (shown firing) when bombers pass overhead, or do you get some kind of message about flak activity? The only time I have seen them animate is when attacked by ground units. I have not seen any message to indicate that they are firing at aircraft, but perhaps I just missed seeing it.

    The reason I ask is because this is the first time I have used them, and I'm not sure that I'm doing it right.
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    Only active animation is when they get attacked by land units. When a unit with an Anti Aircraft (AA) rating successfully shoots down an enemy aircraft, a missile streaks up and the attacking plane blows up. If you are doing the bombing a box pops up saying that your bomber was shot down by enemy flak.

    IIRC, four flak units is the max that can be effective.

    I didn't believe in Flak until recently. I was enduring a horrible air blitz from one AI until I stuffed my cities full of Flak. The odd bomber still got through but most died sooner rather than later.



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      I am a believer in flaks/mobile sams and yes Axelman says four is the number.
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        Thanks for the responses - very helpful. It's also nice to know that the site is still being monitored by helpful people. Long live CIV3!
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          If four is the max for flak units;what is max effective # for mobile sams?
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            From alexman

            AA combat formula

            The real strength of each AA unit is 1/10th of the value shown in the editor. So Flak has a strength of 0.2.

            Each AA unit in the tile being bombarded takes a shot against the defense of the bombarding air unit. The chance of shooting down the air unit is A/(A+D), as with all other forms of combat in Civ3. Remember, A is 10 times less than what is in the editor for the AA unit.

            The maximum number of AA units that are given a chance to shoot down the plane is 4. Any AA units above 4 are ignored.

            So, for example, if you want the formula for the probability of N units with a strength of A shooting down a plane with defense of D, here it is:

            1 - (D / (D+A))^min(N,4)

            D is the defense value of the bombarding air unit (2 for a bomber). No modifiers apply. A is the AA strength of the AA unit (0.2 for flak). N is the number of AA units, not the number of air units.

            min(N,4) = N, if N less or equal to 4
            min(N,4) = 4, if N greater than 4

            The SAM battery works like this:

            For each bomber, there is a chance equal to the interception chance for the SAM to fire (50% against conventional, 5% against stealth)

            If the SAM doesn't fire, the bomber continues as if the SAM were not present. This includes the chance of getting shot down by AA fire.

            If the SAM fires, it has a A/(A+D) probability to shoot down the plane (A=8 for the SAM, D=2 for the Bomber). If the plane is not shot down, the Bomber survives, but it loses its chance to do any damage as well.


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              Now I need to ask what are the odds for city based sam missile battery against aircraft? Also back to last question; 5% for Sam against stealth means I need 20 mobile sam in a city for a sure hit? !!!
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                The maximum number of AA units that are given a chance to shoot down the plane is 4. Any AA units above 4 are ignored.
                I take it that this includes naval units with AA ratings both at sea and in port?

                I take the calcs came from an old thread. any chance of getting a link posted.



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                  Great info vmx
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