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Can this be done !! ( a crap question)

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  • Can this be done !! ( a crap question)

    Hello anybody.
    I must be a minority but i really enjoy the opening cinematics of CIV3 and PTW, ( they always set me up before a game)however i think the intro to C3C is dire!
    Is it possible to hack the game so that it plays either the PTW or original cinematic and also shows the original front page splash, whilst still playing a conquests game. I know i could just play a vanilla game or a ptw game but that doesnt have volcanoes and craters and all the new civs in it.
    Any advice would be welcome

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    This is a suggestion and I take no responsibility if it has unforseen adverse effects. You may want to wait for others to comment.

    You can copy a bix file (think its called intro.bix) from the Vanilla's or PTW's art/movie folder and place it into the conquests art/movie folder, and rename it Conquests.bix (the original of that name you should make a copy of). It should then play that video on startup.
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      Many thanks I`ll try this tonight and see what happens,


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        Also, there is a bonsus movie as well under the original civ III, something like security, follow the above instructions to see that hiralious film.
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          It WORKS ..!!!!!!!!!!
          I love that tower of babel. Many Thanks, I`ll try that other bonus movie tonight