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    snoochems: yes, in the editor...
    - Artificial Intelligence usually beats real stupidity
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      Originally posted by MrWhereItsAt
      So has anyone come up with anymore of these little gems to report?

      Mike B gave what he thought was the complete list.

      Here's some more input from Jesse:

      From Jesse's thread on the Beta 1.10 C3C Patch:

      * Cleaned up INI preferences code

      * Implemented ability to enter a seed value on
      the world setup screen. It is located in the
      upper-right corner. Any character can be entered
      as the seed. If the seed is 0 (the default), it
      will generate the world normally. If every
      character is a number, the value is interpreted
      as the seed value and used to generate the
      world. In all other cases, a hash table formula
      is applied to the string to generate a unique
      value that is used to generate the world. While
      it is technically possible for two different
      strings to evaluate to the same seed, it is
      unlikely (i.e., SEED is not the same as DEES --
      upper- and lower-case letters will yield
      different results as well).

      On the SEED:

      The SEED allows you to type 'CIVILIZATION' and it generates a map. Anytime you use the SEED: CIVILIZATION you will get the same map (only type in the SEED, ignore the other settings).

      * Implemented the "Play Last World" option. This
      option appears on the main menu after playing
      the first SP random-map game. When chosen, the
      player is taken to the world chooser with the
      seed filled in and all the previous settings
      selected. The player can make any changes or
      keep the world exactly the same. Note that if
      ANY changes are made on this screen, the map
      that is generated will be different. Next the
      player is taken to the player setup screen with
      all the civs and settings from the previous game
      selected. Again, the player can make any changes
      or keep the settings the same. If ANY civs are
      changed, player starting locations MAY change
      (depending on the number of seafaring civs,


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        Cheers kring - had seen that, but good to have it all in one thread.

        Back to the ROOTS of addiction. My first missed poll!


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          I tried the VideoMode=1600, and it made squat all difference.


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            Save Game Directory

            Is there a way to change the default settings for the Save Game folder?


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              To what end?