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Civ Video Series Ep 01 - Civilization 1 HD Tour With Mods & Scenarios

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  • Civ Video Series Ep 01 - Civilization 1 HD Tour With Mods & Scenarios

    Civilization Genre HD Video Series:
    Welcome to the first episode in a huge video series years in the making where I show you how to play each classic Civilization genre game (& spinoffs) in 1080p HD, while showing off some of their best scenarios and mods along with their interesting and sometimes very different console conversions, plus also trying to play as the Barbarians in each game too. Naturally at some point I'll get to the more modern Civ games that don't require any tricks to play in HD and will still tribute them too of course! In many cases there's simply too much to cover in one main episode so I'll also be making special extra bonus episodes to compliment the main episodes in the series, so stay tuned!
    • Main Episode 01 - Civilization 1 (You are here!)
    • Main Episode 02 - Colonization (Coming very soon)
    • Main Episode 03 - Master of Magic (Coming soon)
    • Main Episode 04 - Civilization 2 (Coming soon)
    • Main Episode 05 - Civ2 Test of Time (Coming less soon)
    • Main Episode 06 - Alpha Centauri (Coming less soon)
    • Main Episode 07 - Civ Call to Power (Coming next year)
    • Main Episode 08 - Call to Power 2 (Coming next year)
    • Main Episode 09 - Civilization 3 (Coming next year)
    • Main Episode 10 - Civilization 4 (Coming next decade)
    • Main Episode 11 - Civ4 Colonization (Coming next decade)
    • Main Episode 12 - Civilization 5 (Coming next century)
    • Main Episode 13 - Civ Beyond Earth (Coming next century)
    • Main Episode 14 - Civilization 6 (Coming next lifetime)
    • Main Episode 15 - Old World (Coming next lifetime)
    • Main Episode 16 - Humankind (Coming next lifetime)
    • Misc Episodes - Civ Fan Games - FreeCiv, FreeCol, FreeMars & More (Coming very soon)

    Main Episode 01 - Civilization 1 HD Tour:
    Main video on playing Civ1 in HD with mods & scenarios:

    Years in the making this is a huge video tour showcasing Civilization 1 in HD with some of its best mods and scenarios. This is the first main episode in a huge series showing people how you can play classic Civilization games in HD on modern systems using some of the best enhancement mods out there. I try to show off some of the best fan made scenarios too (yes, there were scenarios for Civ1!), along with some lesser known console conversions, and I also show you how to play as the normally unplayable Barbarians 8th Civilization slot. Yzg9tRBPY

    (Make sure you expand video to play in full screen HD!)

    Video Chapters:
    00:00 Video Series Introduction
    00:49 Civilization 1 Tour Introduction
    02:16 Un-modded vanilla game HD demonstration
    05:34 Game intro sequence with Blake's Soundtrack Overhaul mod
    10:31 Gameplay Tour with Honzas's DOS Graphics mod
    - 10:44 Super Nintendo & Playstation Civ1 (Bonus Ep Preview)
    - 11:16 In-game tour with Honzas's DOS Graphics mod continued
    - 13:40 How I'm playing in HD (full instructions below)
    15:24 Playing as Barbarians (Bonus Ep Preview)
    18:51 Modern Map & Scenario Editors Tour
    - 18:52 JCivEd CivDOS Editor
    - 20:13 CivCracker CivWin Editor (converts DOS to Win)
    21:40 Favourite Scenarios Tour
    - 21:41 Dune scenario (Bonus Ep Preview)
    - 25:32 World War 2 Europe scenario
    - 27:20 Rise of Rome scenario
    - 28:41 Riverworld scenario
    - 29:56 WW2 Operation Barbarossa scenario
    - 31:21 Winter Wonderland scenario
    32:34 Blake's Lost Scenario Preservation Project
    32:58 Final thoughts & future video series plans

    Video Notes:
    • If everything looks too small then you're probably viewing this video on a small screen or phone. Unfortunately Civ1 has no built in zoom controls so if you want things to be bigger then lower the Windows XP resolution inside the Virtual Machine and the game will resize to fit.
    • If it feels a bit choppy and slightly schizophrenic that's because '3 different Blakes' worked on it haha! Basically I made the video in 2018, then came back to it in 2019 and added lots of stuff, and then came back to it again in 2021 and deleted a bunch of stuff & added even more new stuff lol! I tried to intermix and smooth out the transitions between old and new footage as best as I could so hopefully it's not too bad.
    • Just to reiterate as there's still been some confusion. This video and these mods are about CivWin (Civilization for Windows), not CivDOS, and not CivNet. While CivNet appears very similar to CivWin it is NOT identical and these mods & scenarios are NOT compatible with it.
    Bonus Video Episodes for Civilization 1:
    Civilization 1 Bonus Ep - How to play as Barbarians: Y

    Civilization 1 Bonus Ep - Dune Scenario Full Tour:
    (Note: There's a little bit of repeat/overlap from the main HD tour video dune part but things get very different once I load up the savegame) Y

    Civilization 1 Bonus Ep - Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis & Playstation Console Conversions: Y

    Civilization 1 Downloads & Guides:
    Links for all mods, scenarios, editors & other stuff mentioned in videos:
    If you've seen some of my other threads then you'll know I've been working tirelessly to find and rescue old scenarios & mods for Civ games and arrange hosting on multiple sites to ensure they're preserved. So hopefully in the years to come when people watch my video and come to this place none of these cool creations below will have disappeared!
    (In order of appearance)

    Editors:Other cool stuff:
    • Blake's lost Civ1 scenario/mod preservation project - CivFanatics
    • Blake's Civ series favourite scifi & fantasy scenario/mod search & rescue project - CivFanatics
    • Barbarian Bros Roland MT-32 Civ 1 Music Collection - Youtube
    • Extracted Civ1 Super Nintendo graphics for possible PC mod - CivFanatics
    • Sega Genesis/Megadrive Civ1 project by Tupi - CivFanatics

    How to play in HD on modern systems guide:
    Now you can see below how I did it and play Civ1 in HD yourselves!
    1. Setup a Windows XP VM using VirtualBox. Below is a video guide on how to do that:
    (NO I will not illegally give you a copy of Windows XP, use google search lol)

    2. Download a copy of Civilization for Windows (NOT NetCiv), copy it's files into a folder in the XP VM, and test it to make sure it works.
    (NO I will not illegally give you a copy of CivWin, use google search lol)

    3. Download my Full HQ Soundtrack for CivWin from below. Install it over the top of the game files:

    4. OPTIONAL - Download Honza's DOS graphics for CivWin mod from below. Install it over the top of the game files:

    Example shot of how things should look!

    Civilization 1 Website Tribute Page:
    As part of this huge series I'm also making tribute pages with HD pictures and extra info for each game in a big new WIP Civilization series section on my retro gaming website Blake's Sanctum (be warned - the sites navigation is full 90s retro too lol).

    Main page screenshot:

    Civilization 1 Tribute screenshot:
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    Okay here we go guys! The first bonus episode is ready to go!

    Civilization 1 Bonus Ep - How to play as Barbarians: Y

    To coincide with my video release I have of course also finally released my Attila's Conquest I - Play As Barbarians Scenario (CivDOS & CivWin) as well! Which will kick off a whole series of playing as Barbarians in different Civ games.



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      I'm impressed, man. Keep the good work!
      Hosting and playing the Civ4BtS APT
      Ex-Organizador y jugador de Civ4BtS Progressive Games


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        Originally posted by astrologix View Post
        I'm impressed, man. Keep the good work!
        Thanks mate, I appreciate that! Yeah it's been a lot of work over the last few years and there's still a long way to go haha!

        Speaking of which the next Civ1 bonus episode has been made public guys! Enjoy! This time I take a closer look at Autumn Leaf's awesome Dune scenario!
        (Note: There's a little bit of repeat/overlap from the main HD tour video dune part but things get very different once I load up the savegame)

        Civilization 1 Bonus Ep - Dune Scenario Full Tour: Y