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APT - Civilization IV Beyond the Sword Pitboss Championship [English]

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  • astrologix


    To play in the APT championship you only need to have a legal copy of Civilization IV - Beyond the Sword. The additional mod, APTMod2017a, we provide in this forum.

    If your copy is from Steam, which is not compatible with the APT, no problem, we will provide you with a separate version of Steam with which you can play our games.

    Therefore, there is no reason not to sign up for our championship and enjoy this legendary version of Civilization that provides throbbing multiplayer games, with the pitboss mode, which allows everyone to play at their own pace!

    Take the test, sign up !!


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  • Magno
    cool web!

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  • astrologix
    Here is a view of our "patoweb":

    There are in it many menus, which allow us to survey our games, even if we are not connected!

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Exemple PatoWeb.JPG Views:	2 Size:	136.3 KB ID:	9101954
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  • astrologix
    Summary of the APT Rules
    Version 1.1

    All the rules exposed here are much more widely explained in the Rules Book

    1. APT is a championship of individual players. An alliance of players cannot win the game.

    2. Each game gives APT points according to the points of score achieved in it.

    3. Classifications are established quarterly but what defines the final ranking is the obtained APT points at the end of December each year. The 7 best classified of the year access to play the Masters.

    4. Three multiplayer APT pitboss games are launched every year (January, April-Mai, September). Simultaneous turns of 24 hours each.

    5. Each game is divided into main rounds of 90 turns. At the end of each round players earn reward APT points.

    6. The first three rounds of each game are played anonymously. From the fourth one the identities are revealed.

    7. Players can not talk between them until they possess The Alphabet. But with The Writing "hieroglyphics" can be exchanged.

    8. With The Paper, you can exchange maps and screenshots.

    9. When at least one player knows all the others, the game is declared public and then publish statements can be made in the related thread of Apolyton.

    10. You cannot declare war on another player if it implies a "double turn". Once the war is declared, the mod creates two halves of 24-hour each, one for each side.

    11. It is not possible to build the Manhattan Project until at least 3 players have the Laser technology. The explosion of nuclear bombs generates unhappiness in the author of the attacks.

    12. What the player is investigating on his own cannot be disclosed to another. Therefore, you cannot coordinate the investigation. Exception: if you are in a formal military alliance, when the war has already been declared, and you already have Fascism or Communism.

    13. You cannot anticipate sales of technologies that were not yet discovered. The exchanges and installment sales of technologies can be done under certain conditions.

    14. The maximum duration of any spoken agreement is 40 turns.

    15. In principle, cities cannot be sold, give in, nor give away. Only small towns can be razed to the ground in case of war.

    16. The alliances between players can be formal or informal. The formal ones have objectives and conditions which all of the signers have to respect until the official end of the alliance.

    17. You can sign pacts of mutual Protection (PPM). Those can be public (by the mechanism of the game), or private (by 'patoweb'). Minimum Duration: 10 turns, maximum: 40 turns.

    18. The non-aggression pacts (NAP or PNA), are private and are signed by 'patoweb'. They are inviolable. They may have additional clauses, which players signatories define in each case. Maximum Length: 40 turns.

    19. Final Mark of the Game(MFP). From a certain time, whose conditions are explained in the Rules Book, the MFP prohibits any spoken communication between players (except between lords and vassals) and nullify all the signed treaties and alliances recorded in the patoweb. Each player struggle for its individual victory until the end of the game.

    20. The vassal states are allowed under the conditions set out in the Rules Book.

    WARNING : ignoring a clause in the full Rules Book with the pretext that it is not included in this summary is not an excuse for a possible penalty. The reading of the complete regulation is mandatory.

    NOTE : In several points above, 'patoweb' =

    Last version of the complete Rules Book (in spanish language) : Get it at the bottom of first page of 'patoweb'
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  • APT - Civilization IV Beyond the Sword Pitboss Championship [English]

    The APT (Astrologix Pitboss Tournaments) is a Civilization IV - Beyond the Sword multiplayer championship based on pitboss type of game. The official speaking language is spanish, but english speaking people are welcome if they assume that spanish can be used in the diplomatic talks.

    Each game is divided into rounds of a certain number of turns. At the end of each of them the scores of the players are compared, and APT points are attributed accordingly. These APT points count for the overall championship ranking. A complete rulesbook describe all the APT custom rules.

    Every four months a new main APT pitboss game is released. In January of each year also the Masters APT game can be launched with the ended preceeding year top 7 ranked players. Other pitboss based games with special features and rules adapted can be launched during the year.

    We use a dedicated mod which solve entirely the double move problem, because when a war is declared the turn time is doubled. If the time turn is 24 hours, then it becomes 24 (attacker) and 24 (defender). And the mod establishes a schedule. Of course, these are max times. If the players play quickly, the game runs quickly. A special web site allow us to follow in real time our games and make fun and exciting these multiplayer games:

    Since 2009, the APT games are an entirely and exciting new way to play pitboss games. Don't miss it!!

    Do you have questions? Don't hesitate to ask!
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