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    Hello everyone

    I've played Civ for ages, but hardly ever against people... I'd like to change it, but it looks everyone plays only with friends... so could we get friends?

    I prefer long games on big maps, not the hack-and-slash kind. Was thinking of PBEM, but we colud also arrange to spend a few hours at weekends playing more than one turn per day. I'm from Poland

    Best wishes

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    You can always get friends on Apolyton.

    It is better if you organized the game in the previous forum to this - but no worries - this will work. Generally, games are organized in the previous forum, and this one is used for tracking games once they are set up. (Maybe a mod/admin could move this for us. )

    So, welcome to Apolyton Multi-play.

    I would be up for another game, as I am sure a few others would be. Have you considered hosting a pitboss game. Great format for a MP game.
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