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We need a sub for 3 weeks....

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  • Black Knight 427
    My offer to sub still stands to sub for Khmer; I am familiar with BTP and have studied both Khmer and Portugal extensively. Not to mention I have never lost a war against another person

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  • Robert
    started a topic We need a sub for 3 weeks....

    We need a sub for 3 weeks....

    Our diplogame "Beyond the Pit" needs a sub for the #3 civ in the game. (15 total).
    We need a sub for about 3 weeks.
    The player is at war with the #2 civ and therefore it's quite important that a good player takes control.

    A sub doesn't need to join the story telling and other time cosuming things (though is welcome to, of course).

    This game has been going on for a year and we're nearing completion.
    We hope that one of you guys is willing to play! It's about 1 turn per day.