Hi all. This is a new succession game I am playing.

It is a modified perfectworld2f script that is far more arid and cold than the stock script, with extra resources. Mods are Better BUG BtS AI (whatever it's called). I have some graphical mods also running, of course.

It is huge, is has cylindrical wrap, and 17 competing, aggressive AIs against our lone, Monarch-addled Persian selves.

No barbarians, no random events, no huts, no tech trading or brokering, random personalities, choose your own religion, permanent alliances, and, of course locked assets. No space victories shall be permitted!

We are doing this to prepare for the potential DoF MP game, so we make the AI tough and plentiful.

So, our start, it is a good one (I reloaded a couple times and picked my favorite, because this script can create very unbalanced starts, is it cheating? The game will be difficult enough as is!):

So, I have outlined 3 possible settle sites for this, our capital. All look good, and all can be settled in the first turn, and all are coastal. I compare:



All very nice, but I like purple best. And so, the Persian people shall begin their story nestled in the valley between the great Mount Xerxes and its golden hills, on the northern banks of the awe-inspiring river Kyrus, with its harbor on the Persian gulf/ocean/sea/lake.

5 turns of scouting down the coast by the band of Little D has produced the shivering realization that we are in quite a southern location, and must look to the west and north to expand. Thankfully, the river Kyrus appears to run quite a ways west, and is quite fertile, so choosing our initial expansion should prove easy.

We build a work party to irrigate our crops and mine our gold, and we research the ways of fishing, so we may eat the foods of our precious sea/lake/ocean. After that, we plan to research the ways of mining. Perhaps we should then look into this wheel idea to connect us to our healthy wheat and happiness-inducing gold deposits, or perhaps on to working bronze. Being near deserts, we suspect bronze to be nearby (so we hear). In any case, we suspect a rapid ascension with this location. I hope Little D finds his way west and then north to scout the western reaches of the Kyrus, as this southern area is all but devoid of life and purpose.