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    Hi everyone,

    years ago (seems like decades) I stumbled upon this forum while playing vanilla Civ4.

    There I found games (starting positions) for download a lot of people played (versus the AI) and later send in results. The few times I participated this was loads of fun.

    Do these games still exist? I dont know how they were called, therefore I am asking (dont know a good search term to use). It was not (!) play by mail and it was not online. Just commons starting position and conmparing of results.

    If these games dont exist any more regularely, maybe someone can point me to archives (whoich of course wouldnt be as much fun but still cool).

    Thanks a lot!!

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    Hey "WhatsMyNameAgain"!

    You're most probably refering to Tri League.
    It unfortunately ended a couple of months ago
    The forums aren't archived yet, and therefore unaccessible as we speak.
    I'm sorry.
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      They should get that going again, except maybe only have one game instead of three different leagues. Never seemed to be enough players per league.

      If it is a matter of someone developing the games, I would be interested. I have time now that I'm not doing diplo.


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        You are all too young ...

        actually, the Tri-League forum seems to be here:

        But that is all Civ4+ expansion packs. I remember that BEFORE that there were similar tourneys played for Vanilla, Warlords and later BTS. I am interested in those, because I like Vanilla (its complex enough without expansions)

        They even had an additional website with stats....

        This can't all be lost. There have to be archives at least. Or are you all too young to remember?