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  • Looking for a game

    Is this the correct thread if your looking to get into a game? If not please re-direct me.

    I'm not a newbie to BTS but I've never played MP and I don't really even understand how PitBoss actually works. I used to play a lot of PBEM, SMAC/X and CtP(don't cringe), but that was a long time ago. I am a pretty decent player SP but I really enjoyed playing people with the unpredictability you get. I'd love to have a crack at it PBEM or, if somebody could explain in idiot's terms what it is, PitBoss as that seems much more popular. I can guarentee a minimum of a turn a day if PBEM and if PitBoss a rapid response though I do work full-time. I haven't got the time for on-line and with a game as big as BTS I can't see how it would really work without serious caffiene and nicotine overload.

    Any games on offer - I'd happily sub for a dropped out player - or just a pointer to the best thread for getting into one?
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    Hey FF. Welcome!

    I am expecting to start a new pitboss game shortly. Will keep you in mind. Also - keep an eye on this thread for new games - pbem or pitboss - that are forming.

    And look for snoopy369's guide to pitboss. It explains everything well. He sent it to me recently via email - so if you can't find it here (snoop - can you put the link back in your sig) let me know and you can pm your email addy to me and I will send it.

    And don't worry - pitboss is simple - and works really well for MP (with some agreed-to guidelines regarding double moves)

    Again - welcome to Poly!
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      I'd be interested in a pitboss game Beta... PM me when one starts up.


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        Beta - I'm also well up for a new pitboss game. Are you still thinking of starting one up?


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          I'm also interesting to play PITBOSS game and even will be without AI and technology trading option will be OFF i will be very happy

          contact me: grzybczyk(dot)kamil(at)gmail(dot)com


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            Evalds (myself), Janis (remeber us from last Pitboss Bigfree game) are interested in the game as well

            + I can get more people if we need


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              I suggest that the last 3 posters take a look at the date stamp of the opening post.
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                Closed by request thread starter.
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