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Civ 4 Multiplayer @ York University, Toronto

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  • Civ 4 Multiplayer @ York University, Toronto

    'm conducting a psychology research study at York University, Toronto, to explore the personality traits among Civ 4 players. Similar studies have been done on MMORPGs (i.e. World of Warcraft) but not much attention have been given to multi-player turn-based strategy games like Civ 4. Here are the facts so far:

    1. There will be a tournament held at York University (1 day event, some time early 2009)

    2. You will be asked to fill out a questionnaire for the study.

    If you live in or near Toronto, and is a fan of Civ 4 and would like to find out what Civ players have in common, you can support this project in a number of ways.

    1. Take part in the CIV 4 TOURNAMENT DEBUT @ York University. (this may never happen again, so seize the opportunity). You don't have to be York University student. All levels of play are welcome!

    2. Give me some pointers on the technical aspect of holding a multi-player tournament. I do have several questions:
    a. What's the max # of players can play in one game?
    b. Optimal system requirement to support multi-player.
    c. Suggested length of game (sufficient for players to show their skills).

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    2. a) 18 players is the 'standard' maximum, though it can be modded to allow more. I would use the standard, though.
    b.) If it's on a LAN, you're fine as long as the game can run sufficiently to play a full SP game, and there are no firewall issues.
    c.) Play on Quick setting, for 3 to 4 hours. That's typically a complete game or far enough to determine the likely winner.

    If you're flying people to TO, I'll join
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      thank you for your input!


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        If you are not getting enough players in-person, you probably could manage this online ... Civ4 is easy enough to do online, and you could program an online survey (either in your own system or through a third party), or even distribute a survey in Word or PDF or something. You'd get a ton of players then, I'm sure.

        You could ask us to use FRAPS or something else to record our play, I suspect (though I'm not personally that familiar with recording gameplay videos, it is possible).
        <Reverend> IRC is just multiplayer notepad.
        I like your SNOOPY POSTER! - While you Wait quote.