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Pittboss Meets Diplogaming

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  • Pittboss Meets Diplogaming

    The diplogaming community is seriously looking into starting a pittboss game using the diplogaming backbone.

    We need more players. We are shooting for 18 total although we may settle for less. If you like the pittboss format, and always wanted to give diplogaming a try, this is your oppertunity!

    The start-up thread is here.

    For more info about diplogaming click here. We may simplify the rules depending on how many people interested in this game are new to the diplo format. Basicly, don't let the length and depth of the manual intimidate you. It is basicly roleplay meets civ with an emphsis on how a real nation would handle problems... as opposed to the "win at any cost" mentality of normal type games.

    For an good example of the roleplay aspect, click here.

    ALSO, please make sure you will be able to play the game on a regular basis. If real life looks like it is going to be hectic over the next year or so, please pass this up so that someone who can dedicate the time to it will have a spot.

    Speaking of open spots.... we will probably limit it to 18 players. It will be first come first serve, however if veteran diplogamers want in after it fills we will remove the last to sign up that are new to this format.