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Dilpmatic Thread: Native Americans

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  • Dilpmatic Thread: Native Americans

    This is the Diplomatic thread for dealings with the Native Americans. Ragnar is their leader.

    The team is Weplayciv (WPC)


    also Tatu

    Diplomatic contact is proviisori, .
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    This was sent on Feb 13th 2013.

    to wpc.mtdg

    Greetings mighty Native warriors of WPC,

    We are pleased to have made your acquaintance.
    Word of your strength and courage has reached our cities

    We are unfamiliar with your lands and wish to explore the edges of it so that we can perhaps develop trade relations.

    We greet you and hope for healthy relations that will benefit both of our nations.



    Diplomatic Corps of her Majesty, Lizzy of the Ottomans.
    On the ISDG 2012 team at the heart of CiviLIZation


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      And then shortly after mzprox posted this.

      I had a chat with Beta from WPC, see below:
      well actually see post 142 in Main Diplo Thread.
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        Then this from proviisori on the 15th Feb

        Greetings to Hercules and beautiful Beth of the Ottoman empire!

        I'm proviisori, the foreign minister of the Native Americans and eager servant of our mighty bearded Ragnar.

        We are pleased to hear that rumours about our nation are positive ones.

        Likewise our people have only heard good things of the brave Ottoman.

        Our adventurous travellers and traders wish to see your lands and seek for profitable connections for both of our nations.

        But a large portion of our people like to keep to themselves and are wary of strangers, especially armed ones.

        Thus we propose a open borders agreement with a clause that prevents the entry of all units into each others borders.

        Thus only friendly traders may travel and make us both more prosperous. Do you agree?

        If your brave scouts wish to seek other nations, you can continue to the east and you'll meet the UniversCiv in no time. I believe you have met the other neighbours, the German team and the RB.

        We also are very keen on having a better understanding of the world. Could you provide some detailed information about the locations of your neighbors?

        As always, feel free to contact me with any questions of suggestion you might have.

        May your people have a joyful weekend!


        Foreign Minister of WPC
        On the ISDG 2012 team at the heart of CiviLIZation


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          After discussion I sent this back.

          Greetings, Proviisori, foreign minister of WPC,

          On behalf of her majesty Lizzy, I thank you for your eloquent words. We will respect your conditions and look forward to greeting your travellers and traders in due course.

          Regarding our neighbours, yes we have met the German team, they are to our East. In brief if our work boat continues its journey of exploration westwards it will arrive back in our home territory. Our chariot met UniversCiv on its journey west.

          To our south of our empire is the Aztec / Civplayer civilization. But directly between us is a sizable body of water. It could be an inland lake but we have not explored its western aspect.

          We have met a Zulu scout and though we have a good idea where their nation is located we haven't as yet seen any of their territory.

          From intelligence from Universciv and yourselves we anticipate meeting RB and CFC soon (unless there has been a little confusion between confusing Native Americans with the Indians in the manner of Mr C. Columbus),

          We have yet to hear of any other civilization's whereabouts.



          Apolyton Diplomatic Corps.
          On the ISDG 2012 team at the heart of CiviLIZation