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    I just typed it and posted it here. Hopefully someone else sent it to the Inca.
    Try for discussion and debate.


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      Reply from the INca re settler and settlement.

      GWT member 1:41 AM (9 hours ago)

      Greetings to the most excellent representative of Apolyton,

      which of the stretches of desert do you mean? We thought the river might provide a natural border on which we could agree.
      To be specific, we would like to settle on the hill 441 of where a settler of ours is currently standing, but not further to the west.

      With kind regards
      The wise men of the Inca
      On the ISDG 2012 team at the heart of CiviLIZation


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        what the heck 441 means? if they move 4 west then we lose our city site there :/ Not a huge loss actually, but we won't have stone which we could use for 1-2 wonders.
        If I knew this answer or if they had moved I might rushed our settler to get to the stone, but they never end their turn and move only in the last half an hour.. anyway, since we won't need the stone now (the hanging garden was stolen by RB) I thought it's better to make more productive cities first.


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          hmm I get it now.. so those are numpad numbers, so 3W 1S.. that's a good site for them, and unfortunately for us we will lose that region :/

          Thing is that it's reasonable that they get it.. it's closer to them, they are stronger so we can't really make a point why it should be ours. Yet I suggest to make something about it.

          let's send them a letter, something like this:

          It's unfortunate that we didn't talk about borders earlier ( we didn't agree about the river yet), we too intended to settle that land (2W from your intended city place.) our settler is also on her way.
          We don't think any of us should have more right for that land, so it's more like a fair game. We can offer this compomise:
          We let you build your city there and we instead found a city on the northern region (north of your future city). We are out of options there while you can still expand south if you like. This way it won't be a race whoose settlers get there first which would be about the same turn.
          We also hope that we can trade for that stone resource later that we lose by giving up our city there.
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            This message has been sent

            Greetings Wise men of the Inca,

            We have interpreted 441 as 2 tiles West and then 1 South West.

            It's unfortunate that we didn't talk about borders earlier, we too intend to settle that land (2W from your intended city place.) our settler is also on her way.
            That area is about the same distance from our capitals we don't really have too much place to expand further. After some consideration we could agree that you settle that land (though it's a big loss for us since we have counted on that stone resource), but we suggest that instead of splitting the land West-East we split it NW/SE so we settle the peninsula north while you can expand south.

            Yours Hercules

            Diplomatic Corps Apolyton
            On the ISDG 2012 team at the heart of CiviLIZation


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              any new msg from inca?
              BTw how is this messageing working now? I guess none of us can read the isdg@apolyton, so we need to clear things up. Would be nice if we could talk to the maya about border and friendship. (note that two settlers is ready and I will send them west to build those border cities, hopefully we get there before the maya.)
              From the turn timer it seems that cfc is at war with someone (either the zulu, aztec or hre, most likely zulu).
              In an other game i had a frequent diplo contact with 2metraninja from cfc, so i will try to contact him and see if we can work out some mutually beneficial relationship.


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                Got a reply from Inca

                GWT member
                11:46 PM (12 hours ago)

                Yes, this is indeed what we meant by 441.
                We agree with your proposal of the Northwest/Southeast split and we have now settled in the place. I'm sure there will be no problems in delivering the stones to you if you want to build a wonder with them.

                Best regards
                On the ISDG 2012 team at the heart of CiviLIZation


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                  it's ok, at least we don't need to rush to settle that land. there is place for two cities, not great sites, but better than nothing.


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                    Sadly, our military is so weak (and will get weaker once we give away the Chariot to CFC) we really can't argue.
                    Try for discussion and debate.


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                      Letter from inca:

                      Dear Friends,

                      In the last turns we have discovered large armies of recruted macemen in egypt. There are also a number of egypt workers busy at the border - one has climbed a hill at the border - that no egypt city can actually use. So we think that an egypt attack is imminent. We need help from our friends during these hard times. Currently there is not much that we can put up against an army that has been taken out in our south. But our scientist are close to discovering improved bows which will greatly improve the performance of our city defenders and might slow the enemy down considerably after entering our beautiful country.
                      Would you be able to support us with some gold, so that our researchers can be faster in discovering this crucial technology?

                      Another question: Are you planning to intervene in this conflict? If nobody will open another battle line with egypt, they will conquer our homeland without too much resistance and it is doubtful that they can be still stopped then from dominating this world. So this will be your chance to change history?

                      The wise men of the incas

                      This is a very important matter to discuss

                      reminder: I sent a 3 side NAP offer to inca and aztec several turns ago (before Egypt's drafting really started). They haven't accepted it then because Aztec and Inca had border dispute. They had overcame this a few turns ago and seemed now they would agree to the NAP.. however situation changed since then. With an Egypt attack is iminent and we have NAP with Egypt the only way to stop Egypt conquering Inca might be if we take some cities from Inca to ourselves..

                      things to consider:

                      -very strange that inca was not aware of the danger till now
                      -we can't attack Egyptian troops till t170 nor it is acceptable to gift units to Inca becaue we have NAP with Egypt.
                      -we could give them some money, but we are on a very very tight schedule to get the necessary techs for janissary drafting, before we become the second prey of Egypt. It's true however that longbows could increase the Inca's resistance significally.
                      -I know that winning the game is important and normal multiplayer games have no morals unlike the diplogames we play at Apolyton, but still I think it's somethin we should consider. It wouldn't be oo hnorable to backstab the Inca when they are fighting with a much bigger foe.

                      I will discuss this thing with India an aztec a bit too. see if they are willing to lend som money too.

                      possible answers to Inca:
                      -asking details how much gold we are talking about and assurances that they could pay it back.. but i think we will not see that money...
                      -should we tell them that we can't help becaue of our nap and we have other plans..
                      -should we somehow tell them that if Egypt attacks them they are lost case anyway.. should we somehow tell them that if this happens our best chance to stop egypt would be if we took some incan cites for ourselves..


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                        Things are looking really bad.. it's way to late for inca to wake up.. if your neighbor starts mass drafting the first thing you do is to ensure you have nap with them and if they refuse you prepare the worst. Yet it seems inca hasn't realizedthey could be a target up till now. They helped Egypt with resources, they gifted their great general to them so Egypt could build the heroic epic, they cooperated on so many levels..and now it seems inca will be a walk over for Egypt.
                        They are asking money for feudalism, but it's not gona work.. they don't even have monarchy yet. (an other not too wise act is that inca has just revolted to buddhism and wasted a full turn while they had only one buddhist city.)


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                          I asked Inca how much time they need to get feudalism and how much gold they need from us. Also suggested to get horse back riding instead and ask ivory from Maya.
                          They have just repeated their plea for money.. still we don't know how much they need and we can not calculate that it's worth it or not.
                          as far as i know aztec and india don't want to help with anything, but handing some advice.. I might be able to convince them though. if all 3 of us would lend 2-200 gold to inca for example and they could really slave longbows then it could help a lot slowing the egyptian advance. Unfortunately I tink it1s quite late already..We believe egypt will attack in t150 and Inca doesn't even have monarchy yet.