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  • In case I forget later if there's another demogame for Civ6 maybe we should play with WPC together. There's probably not enough players on ether team to make a real team and the reason why we split has now retired from Civ now (Asher) and if he shows up we can just not allow him to join the game.

    Looking back I think CFC tricking CivFr into signing peace with them is what probably got them "first place" in this game. CivFr vassalized to CivPlayers later to try and make CFC lose later so why not do it now with RB to make sure they lose? I'm pretty sure that "let's give it 110% and win this game!!!!" attitude decaying over time is the cause. RB didn't try and push buttons that much but I'm sure that they wouldn't succeed because it's the decay that caused it to happen. But the fact they didn't even try reflects the fact that Sullla&co just didn't understand you cannot go it alone in these game after winning PB#2 and ISDG #2 like he did. CFC did as they targeted and made HRE their vassal from the start. If CivFr weren't beta-males RB would have been just lucky enough to win the game but they instead came up short.

    I think in the final position that CFC would be the heavy favorite because of the presence of vassal-HRE and CivPlayers pissing off mz enough so he would make sure they lose--which would cause a 2vs1 at the end because he would kill everything just to be safe. Sommer was totally right that CFC would be able to win the game if the cockblocked the AP so CivPlayers were the suckers and mackoti, CFC's main turnplayer for the majority of the game, was wrong for rage-quitting. I even think that Sommer anticipated CivPlayers pissing off mz for being at war for so long and momentum of the war would guarantee a 2v1. Lastly, I've changed my opinion on the CivPlayers turnplayer quitting--Maya going effectively going NMR already invalidated the game anyway...

    I now have nothing more to say about that game.
    “...This means GCA won 7 battles against our units, had Horsemen retreat from 2 battles against NMs, and lost 0 battles.” --Jon Shafer 1st ISDG


    • Great commentary. Thanks for popping in!
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