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Domination of Barbarians [Diplo Game] [Story Thread 24 - March 2014]

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    "What does the English Queen mean by Greek occupiers in our lands? How does she expect us to accept her demands when there is no Greek occupants in Catalunya? Send her a response that we cannot fulfill her demands as we sadly do not understand how she can claim that the Greeks are occupying any part of our lands. Surely she must know that we have obligation to uphold our honour, and that the Greeks have helped us Catalunyans. And surely she must understand that we are obliged to fulfill our part of that alliance now, even if it means Catalunyan cities change hands to the English crown."

    President Sancha felt an overwhelming sadness at hearing the reports of the count of dead so far near East Coast. What an incredible waste of human life! She realised the New League of Nations had been a failure - a dream of uniting the world under one vision, a vision of peace and prosperity - a vision that failed overwhelmingly.

    Stepping inside her personal chapel at the Palace in Valencia, sensing the fragrance of old wood, stark stone and lavender incense, she recalls when she first felt her calling from Christ so many years ago. Did HIS purpose include these monumental setbacks, these pointless squabbles between mortal men? Did the old tales of free will give reign to those who sought nothing but power over man, to attempt to bathe in the light of glory of power to pretend immortality was theirs? And in failing to obtain this power, this false sense of immortality, did it make them bring about such monumental numbers of deaths and the infliction of hardship towards their enemy that the will of those affected would falter and be brought low?

    Feelings of anguish, powerlessness and regret on behalf of all who lost their loved ones brought a stream of tears from her eyes. Her vision turned to mist, and in that mist she suddenly envisioned the many shots, grenades and tank shells killing soldier upon soldier, enveloping the fields and hills with a red mist of smoke mixed with blood. The magnificient Greek architecture mangled by explosives, homes blown to bits and now in ruin with dead children inside. Vision upon vision of dread brought Sancha to her knees, sobbing uncontrollably as the felt the weight of the world upon herself. She had failed to convince the leaders of the world to see how powerful peace was. She had failed.

    La República de Catalunya sempre en els nostres cors


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      The Charge of the Light Brigade

      Alfred, Lord Tennyson - 1830

      Click image for larger version

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        The English has asked for ceasefire and Greece has agreed. Millions have lost their lives, it was clear that the goal with which this war was started by the English was unreachable.


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          We are thankful for one to the English, they have opened our eyes who our real friends are. And we have seen what the Netherlands really are.

          * They have supported England with units in the far east, the very tanks which took out the Greek outpost were given by the Netherlands.
          * Siege Machinery was on their way to English colonies to be gifted and upgrade to be used vs Greece.
          * The Greek northern army, which was not returned to Greece and instead used for personal gain. An army which could have aided vs the English.
          * Plotting with the enemy

          This was not what a NAP treaty was about, thus it was obvious the trickery and attempt to hide behind a false treaty and do as you please and harm the other party.

          SO a WAR has been declared on the Netherlands, and our tank groups are storming hard into their lands.

          WE DEMAND ALL THE NORTHERN GREEK ARMY TO BE RETURNED AT ONCE and reparations of 5,000 gold paid for aiding an enemy during a time of war.

          Greece out.


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            Netherlands invokes the No-login Defense, Greece can not capture any Netherlands cities or face harsh penalties. Netherlands also invokes DMW. Greece must offer peace in 10 turns.

            Greece is a liar, a bully and a NAP treaty breaker. Netherlands has no "Tanks". We had one defector tank, so Greece is lying to say we gave England tanks. And who can decide who we sell our units to? It's is our sovereign right to sell our weapons to who we choose.

            Obviously Greece is an oath breaker who is making excuses to attack a weaker nation. Shame on Greece. We honored our NAP with Greece even when you emptied your borders cities to fight England. We could have easily invaded Greece and stabbed in the back but we behaved with honor. We spit at the actions of dishonorable Greece.
            "In the service of Netherlands, always" - Captain Eriksen, Royal Netherlands Navy


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              Noted speaker of Persia was caught between two very irate members of Greece and Nether yesterday. Words were spoken and harsh language used in a way uncommon and avoided when engaged in diplomacy at the New League of Nations. Arguments and counter-attacks were so vivid that spittle flew and for a brief minute, fists were employed and the Persian speaker walked away suffering a black eye for trying to interpose himself between the two.

              Attempting to ascertain the truth behind the allegations between them, a number of sources were confronted. In one location, the list of alegged defectors was found to be re-labeled, and the true Nether name of the incident was "Operation: Lobotomy", where one singular General had been manipulated in the most subtle of ways to order his troops to obey a Nether general. The sigil and autograph was correct, but the coincidental death of that very General that ordered the troops from Greece to Nether, by a falling block of stone that smashed his entire upper body and head to a pulp made proving such manipulation nigh impossible.

              Being made aware of the extreme level that Nether played their hand against them, Greek counter-moves were now doubly inspired after the attack from English forces. However, in utter coldness the field was made bare with a stroke so terrifying and devastating that shockwaves rippled across the entire world. Sevenrivers, Guyana, The Wall, Paris, Gaul, Uzbek, Kirienko, Simonsburg and Baltia. Every single city was razed in a military maneuver outstanding in its sheer magnitude and effectiveness. From the given order to the utter destruction of the cities, no more than three days passed. Three days of terror and death.

              However, when news came from the razing of Paris that incontrovertible proof had been found. It was at last revealed that Nether had used the ancient Death Oracle in a new and sinister way. That singular instant had been manufactured through the harvest of a millennium equinox, enabling the high priest to directly influence the mind of another. A most evil act, and one so profound that Persia now see nothing more plain than the need to declare war against Nether, supporting Greece entirely.


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                News from the war front and home:

                Greek tanks well promoted were now deep into the Netherlands, orders were given not to storm the last few cities remaining. INSTEAD they were ordered to start a massive pillaging campaign in the lands around the cities. Orders were to not leave one worked tile standing, thus the great burning has begun........

                The Great Grand Fleet was ordered to sail into the Atlantic and insert her dominance there as well. Battleship groups were given orders to start patrolling.

                Plans were made to rebuild the razed Greek cities.

                More funds were invested into the military, tanks were being produced on a massive scale, already counting 300 plus strong, the Greek army was nearing 20 million strong, that was close to three times more than its former enemy England.

                Great news have been released that the top 5 metropolises were now Greek alone.

                Greece also thanks its friends the Persia, for joining the fight against the Netherlands snakes. We are also very happy to learn that Greek citizens were happy to live among their Persian friends in Downunder.


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                  Qin addressed the assembled troops and huddled masses of people in the court yard of the palace.

                  Today we hear in the distance of great armies of immense power and destruction battling against one another. Our friends have found fault with cause we know not why. I have travelled in the night to witness the attacks. And despite your great strength and allegiance to me I cannot order you to align with either cause. Our weapons are insignificant and we must concentrate on our own borders. Also today I have ordered a massive investment in education. We are a proud but ignorant people in comparison to the others. Pray that our neighbouring civs are able to find peace in our time.


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                    Forcing the Greek juggernaut to sue for peace should have been a greater victory. But with astronomically high English losses and strategic objective unmet it felt a failure.

                    There were of course victories to be celebrated. Nimble English forces outfought and out maneuvered much larger Greek armies. But in the end the attack on the core of Greek civilization was a failure. English forces found themselves cut off and were forced to make a last stand.

                    An inquiry would need to investigate if more could have been done.

                    The decision to split English forces in a gambit to raze Desert Post was an obvious miscalculation. While the city was near undefended, it drew needed tanks from the assault on East Coast. The error was quickly realized, but valuable time was lost redeploying forces.

                    The cutting of key Greek supply routes and choke points was a highly successful maneuver, but the failure to neutralize the Suez Canal doomed the English fleet to face the combined might of the Greek Pacific and Atlantic fleets that had raced to avenge the destruction of the Greek Mediterranean fleet. Perhaps razing the city of Island was unwise as it could have served as a resupply hub for English naval forces.

                    After the massacre of trapped English forces outside East Coast, many argued that the attack should have focused on decimating the Greek economic heartland in Africa which would have allowed more space to escape entrapment. But while such an attack could have decimated the Greek economy it would have just distracted from the war’s core objectives of attacking Greece’s cultural heartland and proving the world did not have to submit.

                    England for one would continue its fight for freedom. Though necessity would force defensive action to be prioritized in the future. But success would only come if other powers realized the Greek threat. And such hope seemed a lost cause with Persia joining Spain as a virtual Greek vassal state.


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                      Never underestimate the power of megacorporations.

                      Leverage used against Persia, Greece and even England, the motherland of many corporations had brought warmachines of high and low to a grinding halt. Punitive defaults on credit based on what was lost in the war were compelling. The ammunition had a cost, the draft of military from populations and their gear also. A high toll of raw materials brought by loss of trade brokers, sweatshop services and countless franchises formerly devoted to warmachines on a high-end budget were now utterly without payment and it bore down heavily. Government funding had become more and more dependent on the massive wealth of megacorporations. Now, with wars creating a loss of revenue the corporations stomped down HARD, creating the enforced peace that entire nations were unknown hostage to through promises of immidiate collection of all outstanding debt. Higher echelons of leaders were compelled to accept peace through these rough calls, swearing under their breath even while signing treaties of peace, proclaiming themselves the actual mediators of said peace.

                      Knives were sharpened, guns reloaded and ammunition restocked. For the peace was a temporary measure only. Yet even with the threat of another war looming in the not too distant future, another solution was spreading throughout the world after a Greek city of legendary status manifested itself as one of the modern era wonders of the world.

                      In that city, a future devised by thinktanks of the megacorporation that ended wars with the stroke of a pen, promised the end of all hostilities and a future for all mankind. No matter the creed, no matter the color, no matter the religion, no matter the nation. Even if you belonged to a competitive corporation.

                      It was a promise of PAX UNIVERSALIS...for the right price.


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                        Death and rebirth....the Buddhists in their embrace of death could transcend this doomed world....Elizabeth walked into the fire....and was consumed.


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                          Qin heard the bell toll ... Noon and on the 12th ring... he took Aiko into the sun and found peace at last. His half breed son Mao would rule a new China in a new world.


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                            The whole of Greece was in celebrations. Greece culture dominates the world, Spain and Persia were invited to the festivities.


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                              THE END OF RECORDED HISTORY...

                              With the realization that the overwhelming power of the mighty Greeks had finally overcome all hope of resistance, the nations of the world decided that the time had come to recognize what was truly important and what nation had truly earned the right to be called the greatest civilization ever.

                              The military might of Greece was obvious, and along with their 3 legendary metropoli, it seemed clear that the remaining leaders of the world would select Greece as the leader of the world for all time...

                              However, in a shocking turn of events, it was announced that in fact, the Persians had demonstrated the most civilized and diplomatic behavior over the course of history, and the United Nations held a ceremony to bestow the Persians with this honor.

                              At a grand ceremony in Catalunya, the Grand Vizier of Persia was presented with the honorary title of Prime Minister of the World. The Greek delegation seemed outraged at first, but the dismissed the award as "frivilous." The other nations in attendance, England, Spain, Netherlands and China all gave their thanks and praise to the Persians as the most important nation in history and the symbolic leader of the World for all Time.

                              What would come next, time would only tell...
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