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Domination of Barbarians [Diplo Game] [Story Thread 23 - February 2014]

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    The question of how to handle the situation in Jamaica weighted on Elizabeth’s mind. The Nether really should have never settled that city in the first place. It was really the first spark of centuries of English-Nether conflict and should be no surprise that this history could still flare up despite recent years of peace and even collaboration. Returning land was an option that could restore relations with Nether, but it would involve the displacement of thousand of English citizens. A difficult situation indeed.


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      double posted, sorry


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        “What? There must be some mistake.”

        “Your majesty, we suspected the same at first but the evidence is incontrovertible. Greek and Persian infiltrators are entering our lands at an unprecedented rate.”

        “They surely must realize this violates past agreements?”

        “We have already sent a letter reminding the Greeks and Persians of their treaty obligations and demanding answers.”

        “Good, alert me immediately when they respond.”
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          Two senators talking as they survey the Ottoman lands from a rooftop near the ruins of Istanbul.

          "Yes the rumors are confirmed, Persian infiltrators have sown violence and overthrown the enlightened policy of Free religion. Their agitators have started an Islamic revolution in Netherlands and instututed an Islamic state in our country!"

          "Is there any way to get rid of these Islamic militants?"

          "With the Greeks recent demolishing of Istanbul and the Islamic Mosques there, the Islamist protectionist spirit is higher than ever. And with the large numbers of voting Islamists in these newly annexed Ottoman city-states, I fear there may be no turning back from this wave of Islamist fervor."

          "God help us"

          "Yes inshah Allah" the man winked as the second man glaread at him. Then he just sucked his teeth and looked out the window.

          Outside the window, the muslim call to prayer could be heard along with crowds shouting "Allah akbar! Allah akbar!"

          "In the service of Netherlands, always" - Captain Eriksen, Royal Netherlands Navy