Hey, Guys!

A Multi-Team Demo Game 3 (MTDG3 for short) is forming at CFC. I want to invite the Apolytoneers to form a team around the dedicated players and sign up for it.

To those who dont know what this MTDG thing is, I can say that this is a Civ4 BTS 3.19 game, played on pitboss between few (5-6) teams consisting of 5-10-20 players each where the players discuss, argue if need be and vote or simply decide what the best course for their team is and then a turnplayer (or several of them) play the actual turn. Collective brainstorming, multiple opinions, democratic voting, between-team diplomacy - all those are used to make sure the team develops best and at the end eventually wins the game by one of the conditions.

There will be a mapmaker and admins for the game.

For now we expect at least two teams from civfanatics and one from realmsbeyond.

Here is the original organization thread http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=436398

As an interesting side information I can tell you that our Team Amazon with Captain Sommerswerd had won the last MTDG2 just few months ago with a space ship launched in a tight final race.

So, come on you Apolytoneers, get up, gather yourself and field a team to compete for the glory of Apolyton. Glory and fame awaits all those who join!

your buddy,