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Destiny of Empires [Diplo Game] [Story Thread 2 - November 2010]

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    The Chinese Empire releases the following news and updates:

    - Great leader Tang has been greatly embarrassed at the hands of the Japanese. Our messenger has finally returned with a most unwelcome verdict, the Japanese decline to have open borders with us! Tang's feelings are hurt and he has retreated to his Buddhist prayer chamber to decide his next course of action, he has summoned a small army to the nation's capital as he is suffering from increased paranoia and now feels betrayed by his oldest friends. Are our Eastern borders no longer safe?


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      8th Royal Regiment in Cadiz

      The sargent hefted his new axe. The blade was strong and sharp. And he had been well trained it its use. It was a vast improvement over the old club he had used for the last decade. He looked proudly over his company, the finest in the 8th. He also knew that other regiments were being similarly equipped throughout the land. It was good to be a soldier. And today was made more special as Princess Joan herself was reviewing the troops.

      When she arrived on the parade square, there was a hushed silence. Joan was dressed in a beautiful suit of armor, crafted from the same steel that had made their axes. She was armed with an equally impressive sword. She radiated both power and beauty.

      She raised and lowered the sword, and then in a clear voice declared "Soldiers of the Royal 8th, I salute you!"

      The parade square erupted with joy and applause. It was very good indeed to be a soldier.


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        grunt at angles.

        you have one period to save archer. as seen your decision for city was totally flawed.

        get out now. then we make discussion with you, not now. you must recognize gaul claim to Africa north. neandor not planning settling there.

        grunzen the axe in person. grunt.

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        The question of whether modern humans and Neanderthals mated when they encountered each other 40,000 years ago is highly controversial.


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          Suleiman the Pious rejoiced to see the completion of the great Jewish shrine at the heart of Istanbul.

          Truly Istanbul was the centre of the one true faith in this world. God indeed had chosen the northern branch of his people, the Turks, to protect and honour him. From here the true faith would spread.

          As was right, no expense had been spared in the development.

          He had been pleased to see the awe with which the Angle travellers had marvelled at the sight. Perhaps it would even impress the Chinese ambassador who would soon arrive in the city.

          The news from the west was full of war and expansionism. His father's way. But perhaps there was something better. Although the East remained volitile. The new Egyptian war chariots, glorious, though using technology from a millenium ago. Indeed it was good that an understanding (Suleiamn smiled) had been reached. Nothing could be done about the number of travellers from Egypt which came to Istanbul - after all Istandbul was the centre of the Jewish world - it was inevitable that many fellow Jews from the south would travel there, and yes some would be spies from Egypt. But, well, at least Joshua had seen the sense of not deliberately making things worse. Joshua who was turning it seemed, wisely, to Africa.

          Africa - the land of opportunity some thought. Certainly the Angles had, but perhaps not wisely. But what of the famed tribes of the south and west?
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            The Chinese Empire releases the following news and updates:

            -Great leader Tang, who had locked himself in his prayer chamber to contemplate the Japanese question and surrounded himself with his closest generals for protection, finally emerged. Anyone could tell that he was happy as can be as he was smiling from ear to ear!

            "Advisors, come close! Upon my 7th day of prayer I reached the deepest state of meditation I have ever achieved. In this state I was able to speak directly to the Japanese leader, who, coincidentally was also praying for a solution this unfortunate situation. He confessed to me his apologies for the delay but that Japan and China would share open borders!"

            With that Tang also called for his 7th eldest son, Xi, to be summoned to the capital. He wanted to share with him his vision of Chinese-Japanese relations and ensure that after he passed they continued to flourish.

            - The Chinese delegation was having a truly joyous time in Russia and believed the Russians to be the most hospitable people on earth. He was also a great admirer of their agricultural achievements and made sure to share them at home to perhaps improve Chinese yields. He was sad to leave but had encountered news of a great structure being built in the land of the Turks. He had not heard much about these Turks other than that they were deeply pious and war-like. Tang would surely want to learn from a people like this so off they set to Turkish lands to learn more about yet another foreign nation.


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              On a rainy evening at Camelot, the members of the Round Table waited for their king to arrive. All was not well in the land of Angles. After many minutes of awkward silence, the doors to the room were flung open violently. King Alfred burst into the room, visibly upset.

              King Alfred - Look! Look at this!

              Alfred threw a letter onto the table from Grunzen of the Neandor.

              Gawain of Wales - They rejected our offer of peace!

              King Alfred - They sure as hell did. 'Try talking with them' you said, 'you insulted them by not consulting them' you said, 'this can be worked out diplomatically' you said. Bah! The vile Neandor have no interest in diplomacy, they have no interest in justice. They thirst for blood only.

              Oswald of Northumbria - Perhaps, my liege, the offer was too small? A tribute of gold and perhaps ships would entice them to accept our claim to north Africa.

              Penda of Mercia - No, you fool, the Neandor won't accept anything but war. They are a simple, thick skulled, and aggressive people. They understand war and power and that is all.

              Galahad, Knight of Wales - Our conversations with Joan have been very promising though. If the Neandor will not deal, then perhaps she will.

              Kay, Knight of Mercia - You trust a woman? Hahahahaha. Joan is nothing but a vile temptress. She steals our land and crowds the shores of London, and you think she is a credible partner for peace? To many of this Table are weak minded and weak-kneed.

              Rędwald of East Anglia - Relax, Sir Kay, now is not the time for division and dispute among us. We have a common enemy and must focus our rage toward them.

              Kenneth MacAlpin of Scotland - Aye, laddie. Go easy on the wee Welshies.

              Lancelot, Knight of Scotland - It would seem the Neandor weren't the only ones with no interest in negotiating. The Gauls were merely buying time and we played right into their hands. While we were "waiting for negotiations to run their course" they closed borders with us to keep out our ships and reinforcements and give the Neandor time to assemble their army.

              King Alfred - It would seem Lancelot is correct. We attempt to negotiate in good faith and we were betrayed. I should never have listened to the calls to negotiate and trust in diplomacy. The Gauls and the Neandor cannot be trusted.

              Percival, Knight of Northumbria - What shall we do?

              King Alfred
              - Let us hope the vile Neandor dash themselves against the archers of Carthage.

              Gildas, the Holy Man - Let us pray then for a miracle.


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                The Emergence of the Arab Empire - 800 BC

                For centuries after the conquest of Bombay, the Arab Moolah leaders changed quite frequently. Always keeping the word of the original God at the center of all decisions. This guiding light served the Arabs and their friends well, and unity among the tribes grew stronger.

                The Arab land was sparsely populated, and many thousands of miles were completely uninhabited.

                Some Arab cities were not even connected to empire by road they were so remote. The outpost city of Caspian Gates entire population consisted of soldiers and miners, and although a drag on the empires economy it served as a supreme bottleneck. The nearby Ottomans mention early claim to the mountain chain although no evidence of such a deal be found, nor can evidence that the Ottomans ever inhabited the area be found. A fortress was commissioned to be build blocking the north from the south.

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                  Saladin Ruler of the Arabs,

                  I send you greetings from the Turks.

                  I hear that you are having trouble with your archives. Perhaps this is unsurprising in such a huge empire as yours. With so much land under your rule, it must be hard to keep track of everything. Sadly this is not a problem the Turks face.

                  The document you are looking for is caefully stored here in my palace alongside all our records:

                  Re: Jerusalem
                  Wise Suleiman,

                  Our intention was to raze Jerusalem and replace it with a city two squares south. This will free up territory for your city and our boarders will not be at odds. This also allows for Arab control of the canal, of which you are free to use at your will. We will also forfit any claim to the choke point city spot in the mountains between us and Russia.

                  It was my wish for the Ottomans, Egyptians, and Arabic people to live in peace, and perhaps band together against outside forces. The Egyptians have spit on our extended hand of friendship with their ill placed settlement.
                  I would be pleased to hear from you how you view the face that although in your own words to us you declared that you forfeited your claim on the mountains, you have then done exactly the opposite and build Capsian Gates there.

                  Some nations might assume that this points to your words being worthless and that you break deals to your own benefit, but clearly this cannot be true of a noble god-fearing nation such as yours. It would be good to hear from you the true explanation.

                  Suleiman the Pious
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                    The Chinese Delegation are welcomed at Istanbul.

                    "Come my friends from the east, come and see Istanbul the centre for Jewish Worship in the World, come and hunt barbarians by chariot in our hills and cover yourselves in their blood, come and wrestle with our women if you dare - come and enjoy all that the Turks have to offer."

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                      Francois Davout, the Senior Administrator of Foreign Affairs was not nervous. He had met many times with Princess Joan, and found her not only to be quick-minded and decisive, but witty and charming as well. He thought of those old priests and city officials who thought they were doing the wise thing by selecting Joan as the royal ruler of the Gaul tribes, and he smiled to himself at the thought that ironically, they had probably done the best thing they could for Gaul. Not only had they picked a strong ruler, they had effectively removed themselves from any role in governing the empire. Strange how things turn out, he thought.

                      Princess Joan finished reading the draft he had prepared. "Excellent as usual Francois. I think this will do. Send it on the morning tide. You know, I really wanted to find someway to make it work with the Angles. I bear them no ill will, but I could not see any other way this could turn out. I understand they want, I probably should say, "need" the land, but having them on two of our shores would be problematic. Their offer was token at best, but then again, I am not sure what else they could offer. And Alfred seemed very decent and sincere."

                      "I'm sure he was Your Highness. But your closing of the borders was the right decision. When the settlements issues are completed, and we have dealt with Carthage, we can see if we can repair the relationship."

                      Joan frowned. "I would like to think so, Francois, but I think it will be many years before the ice thaws on the English Channel."

                      Francois chuckled at the imagery. "If that is all Your Highness, I will retire for the evening and prepare the courier run."

                      "Before you go Francois, tell me of the rumors in the streets."

                      "There are always many rumors in the streets. Princess."

                      "Francois! You know what I mean." She smiled playfully at him.

                      "Well, Your Highness, there is this one rumor..."

                      "Go on." she insisted.

                      "Well, excuse me ma'am, but it is of you and General Delacroix."

                      "And?" she prodded.

                      "Well ..." replied Francois the public servant, feeling more and more uncomfortable... "The rumor is that you are to be wed. That he will become the Prince of Gaul and you the Queen."

                      "Hmmm. Well you can't believe all the rumors you hear, now can you Francois."

                      "No Your Highness. Certainly not. Absolutely not!" stammered Francois.

                      "But that IS a nice rumor, isn't it?" inquired Joan.

                      "Of course. Absolutely, Your Highness. The people would love it."

                      Joan laughed. "Oh Francois. I do enjoy our conversations. Thank you for your efforts in preparing this letter. And thank you for your patience in putting up with me."

                      Francois smiled back with much relief. "It is my honor and pleasure as well, Ma'am. And now, if I may?"

                      With a nod from Joan he gathered up the papers and headed out of the office, wondering how soon he get could this letter to the Angles underway, but also thinking that Richard Delacroix was one very lucky man.

                      To Alfred, King of the Angles

                      I want to thank you for our recent conversation and your offer of resources and workers in exchange for land in North Africa. Unfortunately, this deal does not meet the needs of Gaul, nor as you have heard, of the Neandors to our east. Therefore, the borders will remain closed, and English naval vessels shall not cross Gauls' territorial waters. I regret that we could not come to some arrangement, as our close geographic quarters mean that we will forever be involved in each others affairs. We will see what the future holds.

                      In the meantime, I wish you and the other knights of the round table my sincerest regards.

                      Joan, Princess of Gaul.


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                        ah grunt again.

                        grunzen is old man now. his gaulic concubine from venetii had reared several cross breads of neander-sapiens. each was grunting and indeed even 'voicing' their views on world affairs.

                        more on that later, suffice to say that grunzen had been influenced by some of these views and even learnt about diplomacy.

                        grunzen's almost, last grunt.

                        out of respect of gaulic and angle negotiations the neandor would not kill the citizens of carthage. easy chance existed but now we talk and restate neandor position -

                        first of all, carthage is not good placed as can be seen. neandor and gaulic culture (yes neandor understand culture!) has already ovetaken the food supplies of carthage - no wheat or sheep now. so grunzen ask of angles, what solution?

                        it is clear that africa is not an option as neandor, turks and gauls all allow africa as expansion area for ending ancient wars.

                        it is clear that carthage will die a natural death and neandor ask if angle soldiers and citizen could depart (and the city transported - 'razed') in exchange for some form of help in finding colonies for the angles. it is not yet clear what this might be and ideas sought from all parties on this. maybe the mali too can assist on this matter?

                        it grunt time and neandor try diplomacy and still has open border with angles.

                        axes put down and grunzen rest. neandor has no plan on settling africa except use of that one sheep area (tile) where grunzen city over the sea uses.

                        neandor support gaul claim and settlements of tangiers and will help maintain (big new neandor word for me) it for gaul.

                        we must see another way for the angles. what is thinking?

                        The question of whether modern humans and Neanderthals mated when they encountered each other 40,000 years ago is highly controversial.


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                          Rise of the Shogunate

                          Many years have passed since the founding of Buddhism in Japan and many things had changed. The blood line of the first leaders was nearly gone with only a young boy left who was too young to even know how he was the true leader of Japan. Many feared what would happen to them with a young boy in charge and Others saw this as an opportunity to take Japan for themselves.

                          With the founding of bronze and the creation of metal weapons Japan became a battle ground for the largest clans of Japan. In the years that passed many innocent lives where lost, Tokyo had become completely enslaved by the Mori clan who killed off many and had begun enslaving more citizens to become workers, yet the worst of the fighting was centered around Kyoto. The Sengi monks, a group of Buddhist monks who had gained control over Kyoto by force, battled and without end against the largest and most powerful of clans in Japan, the Huga clan. There battles caused the deaths of hundreds of innocent citizens and hundreds more died each day from the harsh labor forced upon them by the Sengi monks.

                          In the Firth year of the Sengi period the Sengi where finally overthrown and the head of the Huga clan, Satori Huga, took control over the capital and the Huga period began. The first thing Satori did was decree that he was not emperor of Japan nor any person not from the royal blood line. He gave the now older boy his rightful position as emperor but in reality he was nothing more then a puppet used for ceremonial shows. True power lay with Satori who created the title of Shogun and appointed himself to the position. He then spoke directly with the leader of China and agreed to open borders with China, who was always seen as a friend by all the people of Japan.

                          Yet even with his new found power and control of the capital Satori did not have full control over Japan yet. Many other clans resisted his rule including: the Mori, who had joined with the remaining Sengi monks, the Takeda of the north, and the Uchiha of the south.


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                            Our intention was to raze Jerusalem and replace it with a city two squares south. This will free up territory for your city and our boarders will not be at odds. This also allows for Arab control of the canal, of which you are free to use at your will. We will also forfit any claim to the choke point city spot in the mountains between us and Russia.
                            The city linking the canal was never founded, therefore the part of the deal you reference is void.

                            Take care in the knowledge that any northern invaders will have to pass this stronghold, or else take the long way around though the asian wastes. Your coastline is your only other concern dear Ottomans.

                            We encourage both the Hebrews and the Ottomans to send a small force to the northern gates as it defends us all.


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                              Lord Oswald of Northumbria received the correspondence from the Gauls and Neandor, "great news!" He thought. "Those damn warmongers on the Round Table will see that the Gauls and Neandor aren't out for blood. Negotiations are possible, diplomacy can work. I can't wait to show them these letters and see the look on their face. We just need to give it some time, and we can have peace." He ran off to assemble the Round Table to discuss the new letters about the Carthage situation.


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                                Joshua and his men barely escaped the Burning of Jerusalem.
                                If the sailors of England would not have taken the Jews aboard, they would have certainly been killed by the Goiim of Edom*

                                Joshua hid on the boat while it stopped in Ottoman cities, and then the nice English captain let them depart on ancient Egyptian shores. Egypt, still Israelian property, would now be the land of the Jews. The Jews that had remained in Egypt had killed the sons of the Egyptians by drowning them in the river Nile. The Hebrews had not mated with the unclean Egyptian women, and through time the Egyptian race had become extinct. Now only Jews were living in Egyptian cities, and they had multiplied.

                                The fall and destruction of Jerusalem was met with fear and disgust by all of Israel. Now Joshua arrived in Thebes, with the sacred Ark of the Convenant, which he had saved from the burning Tabernacle in Jerusalem, the people cheered in happiness.

                                Then Joshua called for all Israelian men to meet and discuss the future of Israel. Just outside of Thebes they met. The key line of the meeting was "Never Again!". The men of Israel insisted that never again they would be driven away from their houses and homes. No Israelian would ever again be allowed to be tortured by the Goiim. They vowed to stand up against all peoples that were deceived by Satanael. Especially those from Edom.

                                Joshua meets with the Israelian men

                                Esau was the brother of Jacob, one of the fathers of Israel. Jacob and Esau had been twin brothers, but Esau hated Jacob, because Jacob was favourited by their mother. G'd had chosen Jacob to be the father of his people, not Esau. Esau always had acted as if the brother peoples of Edom and Israel would live in Shalom of G'd. Esau settled near the north and his people, the people of Edom (or Ottomania) ruled Little Asia. Jacob had moved to the south, and his children founded Jerusalem (After living as slaves in Egypt for a long time.)
                                When Israel and Edom met again, first peace was made. But the peace was broken by Edom, who was lead by Samael, the angle of darkness, deceiving the nations on earth.

                                Edom was blessed but lost the blessings of G'd by razing Jerusalem. Now Edom was the most cursed nation on earth. The prime example of Goiim.
                                G'd had replaced the blessed state of the Ottomans with doom. Now the people of England, who had saved the Ark of the Convenant, and Joshua and his people, were the blessed ones. The Proselites, as some named them.

                                The Jews who encircled Joshua, decided to raise an army of War Chariots to defend Israel. A strong army was favoured above rapid expansion.

                                These war chariots were about the strongest military units in the ancient age. Nobody dared to stand up against them. "Never Again!" they chanted, when riding through the deserts. Prepared to destroy every army in their path that had the intention to take away anything of Israel again. Never Again.

                                *Edom = Ottomans
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