Just got through playing up until about 1200ad in my first game (Noble difficulty) and can say I am loving it!

Definately worthwhile so far. Not as complex a system as say, Ages of Man for Call to Power 2, but the streamlining can make things a bit more digestible for the brain. Also, will keep games flowing pretty quick.

Not liking the 'normal' speed setting too much, as I am flying through the tech tree pretty quick. But, I am more of an 'epic' fan anyway, and like to linger in each of the eras.

Combat is simple 1v1 of course, but a lot more interesting with promotions! There's some real potential for strategy here.

The economics and civ management of the game is slick as ice! A lot of the hassle stuff like corruption has been changed to be a lot more fun (less is more

Really looking forward to more game time, and to checking out the real gem: MP!