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{Warlords: Barbarian Scenario}|Modified| Bruce The Barbarian's World Crusade

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  • {Warlords: Barbarian Scenario}|Modified| Bruce The Barbarian's World Crusade

    Here am I, Bruce The Barbarian, with my rogue collection of Barbarian Butchers and Believers in the way of pillage it or burn it down.

    We set off from our camp looking to claim what is rightfully ours
    Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah

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    It is nightfall with a full moon, our sign we have been waiting for

    We send out scouts by two one to the northeast and one to the due east in hope of finding easy prey.

    Our first scout sends back word that with three days hard forging our main battle group can reach a large people group known as the Russians. They have a city believed to be defensable because it is in a valley surrounded by huge Yural Mountains .

    The messeneger brings forth the news but not without a price, for as the messenger slipped into the mountainous terrain, he could hear the lamenting of our scout being tortured. He brought news of how our scout perished, bound between two trees and beheaded by a Russian Axeman.

    We sent our Mounted Archers, great warriors on steeds of massive proportion to pillage the surrounding farmland, fertile and with much needed rations for our Horde.

    I sent the main battle group through the mountains for what Russian was not prepared for when they built Moscow, was an invasion from the mountains above. They were nothing but a caged animal in our eyes.

    We set up Trebuchets that we had confiscated from past battles and launched barrage after barrage until its walls were weakend, then our crossbowman and Chariots ransacked the city

    Meanwhile our other scout reported back a layout of what he could gather over 5 days plotting .

    We set up camp and gathered unto our carts food and weaponry captured. News also arrived of Argyle and his men joining us from our previous sieges. We will rest until we are fed and wounds dressed, then onto St Petersburg.
    Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah


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      Chapter Two: The formation prepares

      Argyle steps into the light of the camp fire to speak of his battleplans already underway He shares of his Axeman he has deployed this night as the settlement of St Petersburg prepares for a siege like that which over ran Moscow, but Argyle has chosen a different path He speaks of his fierce swordsman Tatilla who has slain a multitude of innocents to give Glory to the Barbarian way of Life. Argyle removes his Helmet and introduces Thor

      Thor shall lead the Swordsmen toward St Petersburg to bring back the heads of the Russian leaders that fled Moscow
      Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah


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        Chapter Two Continues

        Drummers beat slowly to awaken the Wolves and the Vulchers that ride our steeds .

        Many a Horse shall reign terror amid the lamenting of fallen foes. Our geatest Mounted leader Crispin shall lead in sweeping around through the woods to the north, pillaging and taking lives of the innocent workers not knowing the hour cometh soon to be required of them to end their very last breath.

        I stand now, commanding troops.."Take yer Helmets Great Warriors , take forth your Battle Axes and follow me, follow my Femme Fetalle Sashta and go, take St Petersburg!
        Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah