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Ridiculous Civ Action (Screenies)

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    gota love the resource screen shot

    shows the cow in a differnt color...

    so if you have not meet the civ, and the same same civs keep the same colors

    you know who it is, before you officially meet them

    new expolit?
    anti steam and proud of it

    CDO ....its OCD in alpha order like it should be


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      no, it only appears that color if inside their colored borders, which we know when we uncover the tile.
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        Thanks for a great thread. Keep it coming!
        Best MMORPG on the net:

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          well i guess it died. nice job while it lasted though.

          also, if you're still there, i try not to build workers in new cities until they grow a bit. so when you buit the worker in Silverton, i wouldn't have done that.
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