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A succesful start

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  • A succesful start

    Here's a story about a very strong start I had:

    I moved my settler around to find a good spot and find a goody hut. It contained a settler! After finding a good spot, I plant the city down. Like 2 turns later, my warrior finds another settler in a hut!
    After placing them in good spots, my warrior finds a tech and 2 warriors. Not much later, I stumble upon the Americans. They had an archer to defend the city but they are no match for my 3 veteran warriors. After sacrifising just one warrior group, I take the city and end the American civilization.

    And so at 2360, I have 4 cities (I play Marathon) and all doing great. For those wondering about the costs, my first and second city were in very good places and science was still pretty good at 70%.

    By the way, at around 1200 BC, I had 7 cities with science at 50%. At that point, I stopped the settler business and let the cities grow a bit.
    What I want to know, is this a superstart or do you have these starts all the time?

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    In a Civ3 game, I managed to build two cities on a river on the very first turn due to a lucky hut.
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      I remember doing something like that in Civ I
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        count your blessings

        did you have raging barbs ?
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          Goody huts popping settlers? I've never seen that - is that possibility tied into difficulty levels?


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            settler difficulty
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