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ReUnited Nations: Vikings and Huns Are One!

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  • Paddy

    The Belmont Carrier group continues to sit of the russian coast bombarding the city of Yaroslavl. All the while several tanker Regiments draw ever nearer for an attack...

    further to the east Shiela, our spy, continues in her travels throughout the Russian lands, ever opening up new information for our use

    Paul the supervisorof of main roads delivered a great report on traffic management and how to further develop ways to get Tanker Regiments to the front. it is good to have such members on staff

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  • Paddy
    1965ad - A Vikings Perspective

    war – peace – war – peace – war! WAR!!!!

    It seems every way I turn in this time my people are thrown back into a state of war

    Now that the vile Indians have been conquered, the Alliance of the Re-United Nations must turn our FULL attention on the traitorous Russian nations of Catherine and Peter

    Only a few years ago we were close allies with the Russian nations of Catherine and Peter… at that time we had just secured a peace with the vile Indians, after a long fought war… next we knew, the Russians had subjugated both Indian Nations as Vassals, and all four of them were at our throats – what a stinking mess

    Over the past decade of this latest war, many of my cities started to shutdown through rioting and internal strife. Ok I admit it, I was stripping every town and city of any military I could get my hands on, and if this meant that I had to throw gold that was much needed elsewhere at rushing through production of yet more tanks, then so be it. I hold the Sacred Axe of my people for a reason, and that is not to let others take us over!

    These tanks, these modern armour, oh the power, the speed, the bombardment, the noise and might. The official numbers of tanker Regiments that have been lost will be a closely guarded secret for many a decade, as there is NO way I will let my enemies know how close we came to the brink time and again. Only saved by yet another fresh unit throwing themselves into the latest breech of our lands.

    All the while we moved our great battle force of tanker regiments at the front line further into our enemies lands. Taking from him that which he so violently wishes to take from us. This strategy prevailed, thankfully.

    Yet in no way think that the Vikings did this by themselves. No sir, not at all. We are the holder of a flank in this ongoing war. To our immediate east you will find the staunch and very formidable Germanic people, led by their Lord Grandpa Troll. I may be in awe of my modern armour, but to this day my blood still runs faster when I hear that particular roar of the German Panzer cruising into battle. This war machine certainly does the German people proud with its many accomplishments

    Then to our far east you have the Americans, led by Roozvelt. Another interesting man, Dutch ancestry, American people, and what a fighting man. He is inspiring in his tenacity in taking the battle to the foe. Should be more of it

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  • Grandpa Troll
    started a topic ReUnited Nations: Vikings and Huns Are One!

    ReUnited Nations: Vikings and Huns Are One!

    Chapter One

    History reveals many lessons when replayed in the future, viewing our troubled past we traveled though to get to the next portal though time.

    The problem with History revealed is missing the lessons that we repeat over and over, failing to learn from our mistakes.

    One of the lessons is allowing spread of subversive cultures. This starts in a main body such as a powerful country with its mighty ruling class. Then smaller countries are tempted to follow suit, unaware of the pitfalls and snares it will endure.

    One of the snares is a haughty spirit and arrogant pride syndrome.

    Our world, as I can clearly see now, needs leadership from a pure management system of giving the people what they need, not necessarily what they clamor for. You would not feed a baby all it can eat, before long it grows to be gluttonous and have absurd unobtainable ambitions, due to always getting what it wanted and an abundant excess of those desires.

    This puts us smack in the middle of our Reunited nations. The Mighty Vikings, once scattered hither, have heard the homecoming bell toll. Not for want of greed but of desire to right a wrong world. The Vikings know what it means to conquer and adjust to a world in chaos. They will show a might hand that will rule.

    Then we come in, the Germans. Known from times past as Indo Europeans, Visigoths, Huns and Ostrogoths. We have kindred spirit dating back to 2000 B C with our Brothers, the Vikings. We will make an Alliance. Joined at the hip of fellowship, our creed does not favor a single head, but a joint effort to see we succeed in this new world order.

    We have found out over the age’s jealousies fuel contempt, as we grew our mighty alliance strong, those around us grow restless. They want the power, but no not from the source it flows. They feel the searing heat from which our furnace of desire is fueled, but shall only be consumed as they approach the cauldron for a portion which they can not handle.

    Soon, the plans will unfold and commitment from both our peoples groups to stay focused on greater things than self gratification through mere morsels of trinkets and treasures!