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  • Who knew?

    Who knew we had writers?

    I knew, from past experience with this lot.

    How about we get some interest and write some short stories or even not so short stories?

    You could write straight from experiences in a game, or "around the game" experience.

    One could write from their heart or their mind.

    Come one and come all, jon in and lets have some fun!

    Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah

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    I don't know if I'll get spamed real bad but... here it goes.

    As twilight draws near a solitary figure comes to the entrence of the mighty Kremlin. The huge doors swing open, the hall it lined with men in heavy armor. Wealding heavy swords there a force to be reconed with. The man walks along the silky red carpet and comes to another door, slightly smaller, but this time he pushes the door himself. The hall, now, is lined with heavy spearmen gold encrusted brestplates and silver tiped spears. the higher class guards. the man walks the hall stopping only once at the end of the hall to salut the men who click their heals in agrement.

    The man turns. the door, a normal size and pretty plain, opens to a large room lined with pesents and nobles alike. this man is kissed and waved too. people shaking his hands, bowing to him and almost being mobbed if it wern't for the guarding spearmen as in the last room. he walks to the front of the room and stands before a throne. he addresses the men and women with these words
    "May god smile upon this glorious day in the mightiest empire of them all"

    he steps to one side.

    The doors at the end of the room open to a man in robes and gold laced clothing. the crowd roars with exitment as the man walks to the throne up to the first man. the first man says this. "Oh prince Cyrus, First born of Ajminidad, and Heir to the Throne of Persia. I proclaim thee, with this crown," the man grabs the royal crown from a waiting servent and continues, "King of all Persia!" the croud explodes with applause as King Cyrus stands and waves his hands in the air. after about one minuet of cheers, the newly apointed king says "People of mighty Persia, today I take the throne. and as my first proclomation, I state that all the people of Persia shall get a one year tax break.

    The crowd again explodes with cheers. this time lasting for 2 minuets. which is exactly when the commander of the army under the king quickly walks upto the king and speeks, "My lord, the Greeks are crossing our northern border" the new king slinks into his golden chair and ponders as the crowd disperses to prepair for the iminent devestation of their capital.

    you like?


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      Continue on and write us a story of how the man who would rule Persia doth handle his duties
      Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah


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        I was hoping someone would start another story but...

        Chapter 2:

        It is dawn. a fog has rolled in from across the vast farmlands. king Cyrus hasn't slept since the news of the invasion was given to him 3 days ago. Dressed in his pj's he slinks out of bed and prosedes with his daily prayers. Suddenly and yet slowly a guard bursts through the door to the Emperors room, hands him a note, click his heels, and leaves shutting the door behind him. "Damn!" the king says in extream anger. he collects his thought and continues with his fervent prayers.

        Meanwile in the northern-most city of Gordium, a crowd bursts into tears at the site of their governor hanging from a long slender tree. as the army of the Greeks march south along the streets.

        It is now noon. and instead of eating the king is walking into the city barracks. He clears his throat. "Attention! The Greeks have taken their first city, Gordium." all occupents of the barracks freeze. "I will be raising an army to combat the scoudrels. But, there is a problem. The Greek Planx not only outnumber our immortals 2 to 1, they have an advantage. So, all warriors are getting reassigned and will be given new wepons. Thees new wepons have been tried and proven to be most effective againced the greek armor. we will make the switch immediatly. Now for your part. All Army personel are to go to their homes and report, who and where new recrutes can be found. you have one week. Dissmissed." the king trembeling in fear retires to his chamber.

        The greeks are now marching toward Sidon. will the cities mighty walls hold? or will it befall the same fate as Gordium? to be rerveiled in chapter 3


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          nice story so far Cyrus. The Greeks are always a pain in my side also. In fact they are the catalyst for the story im writing....


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            Ita allways nice to see people who like crappy literature


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              lol. no worse than mine, trust me


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                nice story Cyrus the mike, but it was Darius's fault declaring war on the Greeks, he wanted more and more land, not being careful like Cyrus he's forced to retreat from Greece and dies on the way back to Persia.


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                  Why no more stories on this website?
                  Here is an interesting scenario to check out. The Vietnam war is cool.


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                    Originally posted by unscratchedfoot
                    Why no more stories on this website?
                    yeah good Q , ....

                    well folks , why not , ...
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                      well you could 1st ask where have the writers gone?

                      then you could ask where have the readers gone?

                      then when you know the answers to those two questions you can ask them why they left a place that was like home to so many...
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                        Originally posted by Paddy
                        well you could 1st ask where have the writers gone?

                        then you could ask where have the readers gone?

                        then when you know the answers to those two questions you can ask them why they left a place that was like home to so many...
                        Ahhh, indeed sir, indeed

                        Then maybe we could seek a modified peace plan to coexist with those around us?

                        I can be a real jerk sometimes and dont enjoy it.

                        What i want to do is be a opoistive influence and not a hindrance

                        mayvbe soon i will be off meds to frunvytion and stsart some writyngs

                        mayve this will spawn another in kind

                        maybe, maybe maybe

                        time will tell

                        this os my hope!

                        Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah


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                          panag and unscratchedfoot...

                          It is odd how the amount of writers just sort of petered away...

                          Are people just not writing civ literature, or are they writing elsewhere?

                          I too remember the glory days, they were exciting... But stories never took off for Civ IV like they took off for Civ III.

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                            I've wanted to write some more fanfiction but haven't had the time. I've been working on an actual fiction novel but some funny fanfic might help refresh my brain.
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                              What sort of fiction novel?
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                              -->"Production! More Production! Production creates Wealth! Production creates more Jobs!"-Wendell Willkie -1944