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  • The Great War

    Chapter 1. “The Bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of the expanding Bureacracy.” -Unknown

    General Mike Wallace observed the plans with an inspectional eye. His fellow friend and colleague, General Jon Schaffield was also viewing the plans, and when Jon was done viewing the plans, he made his mind known.
    “It’s a good plan Mike.”
    “It would seem that way,” Wallace answered sarcastically. Just then Wallace’s secretary entered,
    “The Senate has called for you.” The two Generals looked at each other- and Wallace shook his head.

    “What time?” Wallace inquired.
    “Now.” She left, the two friends looked at each other- “Bureaucrats.” Said Jon as he shook his head and Wallace then exclaimed, “Politics and war should not mix.”

    …”Supreme Commander Wallace!” Applause was heard throughout the Senate halls. Wallace paused for a moment, but then began.

    “Friends! With war declared, I have been given the commission of Supreme Commander of the war, and given the task of invading the Mongol Sub-Continent. It will not be easy-but will require finesse, training, but most of all, determination”...

    “So, what are you proposing General?” Asked a fat Senator from Rivertown area.
    “I need not propose anything to you, Gentlemen, only to the Emperor-this is but a formality. However, I will answer your question, though it is top-secret-“

    “I am sure you can trust us!” bellowed a fat man from the region of former Ulundi. At this some laughed.
    “No more outbreaks will be tolerated!” yelled an imposing man. Every one became quiet immiedaitely.

    The General got a nod from the man, and continued, “A multi step plan, first, We will create a defensive force of infantry and of ships, named The Defense Forces and the Coast Guard respectively. Second, we will create a Jordo Islands Task fleet, tasked with defending the Jordo Islands from sea attack. Several Defense Forces are already deployed in the Jordo Islands. Third, a fleet and small army, the fleet will be commissioned the First fleet, and will deploy on the Western Front. Also a Army will be placed on the Jordo Islands, ready to strike inland.

    Once these forces are ready the 1st Fleet, and its troops will move into Mongol waters and attack in Operation Viper. The Mongols will be surprised, this will open up the way for the real invasion, Operation Fox, from the Jordo Islands…”

    “And where will all this be built?!” yelled a Senator when the General was done with his presentation. The Imposing man looked to the General, signaling him to answer the valid question. “Jungle Harbor, Jordania, South Bay, South Point, Riverburg.”

    "And the Cost?!" Asked another.
    More wanted answers to their questions but the General stopped, and assured them "You will know the details in due-time."

    Little did they know, that the cost would be worse than financial-it would be mental, emotional, spirtual, the treasury would not be the one to hand out the debt, their youn men would.
    "Dumb people are always blissfully unaware of how dumb they really are."
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    Not bad.

    In my opinion you are a tad too.... direct. Things happening in reasonable sequence is good, but try to be a little more subtle about it, because while reasonable sequence is good for stories it doesn't come off as real when it is done so directly. In real life the order of events is more often what we percieve and is not fundamental to the events, try to bear that in mind.

    But good, very promising. I look forward to more.
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      Chapter 2.
      The military don't start wars. Politicians start wars.
      -William Westmoreland

      The Supreme Commander was at his desk, silently planning the after stages of the landings, when his secretary interrupted,

      “We have received news, the Mongols have landed near Frozen Bay!”
      The General became pale, and his head fell to his hands, “How many divisions?” he asked.
      “Four or so Cannon Batteries, four rifling Divisions.”
      The General shook his head, There were only two infantry divisions, and an outdated cavalry division stationed there.
      “More news sir…”

      …Frozen Bay…

      “Is it always this cold here?” asked Private William as he entered the Barracks.
      “Get used to it.” Retorted Sergeant Ron Pierce. Some chuckled, but most were to much absorbed in their poker game. There were a few others in the room, all playing poker. It wasn’t the worst Barracks in the world-yet it was no where near the best. It’s heat was shoddy, at best, but the men had each other-and that made it tolerable-to most. Frozen bay was a nice city-it is just it was stationed in the North-the freezing North. It had always been an uneventful city, until the battle came to the Continent.

      “Pair of Aces” exclaimed Jack Rondol, as he took the pot of money. Some complained, but they were soon interrupted by another sergeant who burst through the door.

      “Mongol invaders! To your stations, Now!!”

      The men got up and got their weapons and Winter suits on, but Pierce stood there for a minute, and then calmly collected his stuff…

      The men ran towards their foxholes on the western end of town. The troops were ordered to hold their ground at all costs. Explosions were heard in the distance, “Incoming!” shouted Rondol as he dived into a vacant foxhole. The explosion barely missed him.

      “Rondol, you all right?” Asked Pierce from a nearby foxhole.
      “Yes sir!” he answered.

      A few hours later, and the bombardment had moved to the city. The old cavalry division was being mustered just south of the city.

      It was around five in the morning when the men heard steps, “What’s that?” asked one of the fidgety privates.
      “An attack” one of the sargents answered.
      Soon the Cavalry rushed past the foxholes, and in a few hours the first Battery had been flanked and destroyed, the cavalry men had many stories to tell. They had taken only minor casualties, yet the siege was not lifted.
      Most of the Privates were listening to a Corporal in the Cavalry tell his stories.
      “And then I ran that guy over, and peppered the tent…”
      Just then a captain waddled over to Pierce, “Your platoon is next up, move through the woods and flank the battery, they won’t be expecting it. You leave at 0400 hrs tomorrow.”

      Sergeant Pierce paused, as he usually did, and nodded.
      “1st Platoon, with me!” he yelled.
      The men gathered around him like chicks around a hen.
      “We move out tomorrow at 0400. Make sure you are ready.”

      It was later that night, and the Cannons had started to fire at the city, though it ended early in the morning.

      Pierce’s watch read 3:56 A.M. “Columns, move out follow me!” his twenty or so men followed him.

      Soon they arrived to the Battery’s location, there were only two sentries. A piece of cake.

      …The General’s office…

      “What other news?”
      “We received a wire that the German Parliament just past a Decleration of war against the Mongols, it seems we have a world war. Also, a small fleet of Coast Guard destroyers destroyed a large Mongol fleet, completely. Here are some photographs.” She gave him a small folder. The general opened the folder, and then smiled, but then turned more serious, and began to talk to him self.

      The fleet moving to intercept.

      One of the four Mongol destroyers.

      “Move the defense forces from South bay, Iron Bay, north, to cover the New Jordania coal mines…”
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        Chapter 3.

        War grows out of the desire of the individual to gain advantage at the expense of his fellow man.
        -Napoleon Hill

        The Secretary entered the General’s room in the morning, and found him asleep at his desk,

        “General, General, wake up.”
        He shook his head took a sip of old coffee on his desk and attempted to get back to work.
        “I think you should go home, sir.”
        “No, No, I can’t.”
        “You’d be more use rested.”
        “I have business, it is settled.” The secretary saw she had lost, and gave up, she then reported the morning news.
        “Minor skirmishes between our destroyers and the Mongols. Intelligence believes an attack on Iron Bay is possible, and the siege of Frozen bay is”…

        …Frozen Bay…

        The men were waiting for Pierce’s order, one man got behind each sentery, and prepared to kill them, Pierce nodded, and the men both slit the throats of the Sentries. Both Sentries fell to the ground, with blood starting pool around them.
        “Kano, upfront!” Pierce whispered as loud as he could. Kano was a well built man, and a good solider, not to mention a comedian, and was the Engineer of the group, which was really just a fancy title, he really was just the man with the explosives.

        Kano came, as ordered, “Yes sir?”

        “Make some fireworks.”

        “Heh, heh, yes sir.” He then asked for Rondol and another man, they put just enough TNT in each of the eleven or so cannons. They got the strands of firewire(or so they called it) and hooked them together, in order to make sure they went of together.

        Pierce order all the men to get ready, and ordered Kano to start the fireworks. Kano nodded in his comedic way, and had an interested look on his face, this is what he had been waiting for.

        The explosion was brilliant, there is no other word to describe it. Kano was pleased with himself, as you could tell by the childish expression on his face, it was pure awe.

        Several of the men in the nearby tents woke up and ran outside to check, and behold, there were the troops, most of the enemy surrendered, but some fought and were killed, yet others ran, four to be exact, and Pierce took up his rifle.

        Bang! And one fell.

        Another shot rang out, and another man fell.

        Bang! Another one!

        He placed his aim on the last, and pulled the trigger.

        Click! Pierce was surprised, he lowered his weapon, checked, sure enough he was out of ammo. He watched the last enemy get away and chuckled, just as a pistol was placed to his head.

        “And whata iso funny?” Most of the men had moved back towards the city, and did not see the sneaky Mongol.

        “Turn around!” the Mongol sneered.

        Pierce took his small dagger, and held it close to his chest. He turned quick and stabbed the Mongol in the chest while hitting the gun away, Pierce sneered, “That is.” And then caught up with his men.

        …The office…

        …”Broken. The leftover Mongol forces then retreated to an isolated forest, where they were surrounded and destroyed.”
        “Good news.” The general answered.

        Just then a young man appeared.
        “May I help you?” asked the secretary, half trying to flirt.
        The general was annoyed by this and said,
        “Come, introduce yourself, that will be all for now, Clara.” The Secretary sighed and walked away.

        “Colonel Xavier Singh.”
        “General Mike Wallace.” They each said as they shook hands. The Colonel turned solemn as he shut the door.
        “Sir, I have something to show you, we’ll take the jeep, though it’s not that far off…”

        …Many of the Heroic deed’s from the men stationed at Frozen bay were awarded, and most were promoted, including Pierce, to Lieutenant (most of his platoon also moved with him. Most were transferred to the Invasion forces, where they would see enough action for more than themselves…
        …General Jon Schaffield entered the office, and found Wallace at his desk, remaking his entire plan.

        “What are you doing?” asked Jon.
        “We have something which could change the war.”
        Jon raised his eyebrows, and started, “I have news too, Germany became a puppet of the Khan, they just declared war against us.”
        Wallace shook his head, and told Jon to come with him. They drove a while, but eventually came to their destination, it was the vacant outskirts of town, with a long road, and several large buildings which looked like halves of barrels. There was also a newly constructed factory near there, too.

        “Is this my birthday present?” asked Jon sarcastically as they entered one of the buildings, there was some sort of vehicle in there, one Jon had never seen before, finally he put his thoughts into words,
        “What the heck is that?!”
        “That, my friend is an areoplane.”
        Jon stood there puzzled, and Wallace could tell,
        “It Flies!”
        Jon took a step back, and said simply,
        “I am ready…”
        As they were flying high above the ground Wallace turned to Jon, “You’ve been selected as General of the First fleet, with its Admiral, Admiral Kong.”
        Jon sat there, amazed, not about the job, but how this would affect the world forever…


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          Chapter 4.

          Ours is the commencement of a
          Flying age…
          -Amelia Earhart.

          The two generals got out of the airplane, and took a walk towards the factory, when Jon asked,
          “And who will be commander of those?”
          “A young Colonel named Singh, he was piloting the aircraft, he will lead the planes into battle for now, until they can find someone else.”

          By now they had come to the factory, and they stepped inside, Jon was amazed with what he saw.

          “And who is producing this?” Jon asked while still in awe.
          “An aircraft company named Boeing.”
          “Are they private?”
          “One of the only private companies left in the Empire.”

          …Railroad Car…

          Due to their valiant services, the platoon and Lt. Pierce had been transferred to Iron bay, formerly a Zulu city, but that had been a long time ago. The weather there was at least mild, though south of the city was a large desert. They hoped they could get a vacation or some sort of a break before they were shipped of somewhere, maybe the Islands, or maybe they would be positioned with the fleet.

          Most of the men were playing poker again, which was probably their favorite game, though Rondol always seemed to win. And he won a little too much, even with his skills.

          One day, while out on patrol near the sea, Pierce looked into his binoculars, he saw something far off, a group of ships, but didn’t worry much, they were probably Coast Guard ships.

          The next day, a mighty shelling was unleashed upon the unsuspicious city. A small Corporal was guiding Pierce and his platoon to a position when he commented,
          “Those sneaky Mongols must have landed and moved into those hills in the night!”
          “The nearby cities have been warned?” The Lieutenant asked.
          “I don’t know, all I know is you and you’re group have been ordered to hold this position!”
          He pointed to a one story house. The corporal moved them in, and then, without saying a word went outside.

          Lt. Pierce took charge, “O.K. a machine gun in each of the front windows! One squad rests, another is rearming/helping, and one squad is on the MGs and defending!”
          The men immediately followed his orders and hunkered down.

          The noise in the factory was almost unbearable, yet Wallace did not seem to notice, only elevating his already loud voice.
          “We already have several divisions of these things produced, and most, including Singh’s, leave tomorrow for the Jordo Islands, several smaller versions are being produced, which we will load on to special ships to carry them across the sea and hit the enemy where they least expect it…”

          Several attacks had already occurred against the occupants of the small building, and most of them, including Pierce were tired, yet they kept fighting, attack after attack was repelled, and many enemy soliders were killed, and eventually the troops in the building were evacuated to the center of the city.
          Most of the outskirts of the city had been taken, and the Division commander had all withdraw and refit and supply before they continued the battle. Most of this time, the shells had kept landing, and it seemed as though it never stopped, but while repositioning themselves, the Mongol cannons fell silent.

          The Platoon was stationed at another building, and again hunkered down, when a small Mongol company came waltzing into the street, Rondol got his gun ready to shoot,
          “No, no, not yet, let them pass us.” Whispered Pierce.

          The Mongol company seemed in good spirit, they were probably conscripts, and would be easy to take out. Pierce got his men together, and issued his orders. The men fanned out as ordered. Pierce checked his rifle for ammunition, and raised it. He found the man he believed to seem the commander, and set his aim on the man.


          The man was shot in the head, and fell to the ground, the rest of the Mongols did not move, they were petrified, it was probably the first casualty they saw. Pierce told them to drop their weapons, and they did.

          Eventually they found out that the cannons were silenced by troops moving to relieve Iron Bay, and the rest of the Mongols were captured or killed.

          Within weeks, thousands, if not more Bombers had been placed in the Jordo Islands, and had begun extensive bombing campaigns on the Mongol lands, the area was put to waste, and gave the Empire a valuable asset, time. The Mongols had nothing to challenge the areoplanes which flew high above their lands, and were terrified of them.
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            Ch. 5
            The release of atomic energy has not created a new problem. It has merely made more urgent the necessity of solving an existing one.
            -Albert Einstein

            Jon and Wallace took a jeep out to the edge of the Big Desert, near a bunker, where several people had gathered, “Jon, you’ll need these” Wallace said as he gave Jon a pair of goggles.

            They looked into the desert where they could see a plane in the distance, and what appeared to be a single bomb was dropped, it hit the ground, and a extremely large mushroom cloud blew up. It was indescribeable.

            “Our scientists have been very very busy!” commented Wallace.
            “Why I would have to concur.” Replied Jon

            They took back the Jeep to the motor pool, and saw a new weapon of War.
            “What is that vehicle?” inquired Jon.
            “That is a Tank” replied Wallace, he once again continued,
            “A couple divisions will aid your fleet.”

            Several weeks had past since this encounter, and both men had moved to their stations, Wallace in the Jordo Islands, leading the main assault, and Schaffield with the First Fleet.

            Wallace woke up, and found his mail next to him, a Town Paper, and a envelope. He opened the envelope, which read,

            To my friend Wallace.
            By the time you are receiving this, the invasion has probably begun… I think we all know I was never meant to be a sailor, the picture I enclosed is just a taste of the weather we’ve been having.
            We have received reports of a second Mongol Oil well to the south, and Admiral Kong will most likely be dispatched with two of the four Carriers and a couple of the Battleships to destroy it, while Vice Admiral Rege will take all other ships(barring transports for the worse case) and move north to threaten the Capital.
            Best of Luck,
            Your Friend Jon.

            …Pierce and his Platoon prepared for the upcoming invasion, they had been sent to the Jordo Islands, as apart of the Infantry, though they may be moved with the Armored Divisions. They loaded in the transports, and prepared for the assault, as they were moving over the channel, Areoplanes flew over their heads. And slowly but surely, land came into view.

            More tomorrow, I am tired.
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              Ch. 6
              Wars have never hurt anybody except the people who die.
              -Salvador Dali

              “30 Seconds!” The man driving the lander yelled to Pierce. Pierce nodded, and looked at his troops.
              “When we hit, you follow me, we must take that city!” Pierce yelled to them.
              “10 seconds!” The man yelled with more urgency. The lander stopped, and the ramp went down, Pierce ran off, and his men followed.

              Schaffield came upon the shore with the 1st Armored group, which came right after the main group, The Mongols had widely been destroyed or surrendered, some others had escaped. Only a few groups of men were still fighting isolated Mongols.

              Any available men were sent to the Engineers, who had begun making an Airport, they had finished the Airstrip, and Bombers were flying in, but were not quite able to drop troops to the city quite yet.

              The situation seemed good for the Men and their Commander, would their be counterattack? No one knew for sure, all they could do was wait for Reinforcements.

              Pierce was pinned down behind a thick slab of concrete, it was a Mongol Machine gun and he knew right where it was.
              “Kano!” he yelled, and Kano came to the front.
              “Yes sir?”
              “We got a Mongol machine gun, can you take it out from here?”
              “I got just the thing! Rondol, Jackson! Upfront, Now!” Both men came running, and Rondol had a small Bazooka strapped to his back. Kano smiled and nodded, Jackson loaded the Bazooka, and Rondol prepared to fire.
              “Covering Fire!” yelled Pierce, and all of the men began to shoot at the Machine gun nest. The Mongols didn’t even see the bazooka.

              Boom! The machine gun nest exploded and nothing was left. Jackson started to move out.
              “No, no, not yet!” But Jackson moved from the cover of the slab, he got shot in the chest twice, and fell to the ground.

              Suddenly Bombers appeared over head, and bombed the shoreline, and most of the enemy fire stopped.

              “Medic!” yelled Pierce, and a medic named Zed Billings arrived, and started to treat Jackson. But soon after he stopped.
              “He’s dead” he mumbled.
              Pierce thought for a second, but then moved out,
              “Everyone! Move out!” And his platoon followed like ducklings.

              They moved into the city, where they easily disloged the Mongol defenders, The Empire now had two toeholds on the enemy continent. Soon the Empire’s Army would breakout, and move toward the Mongol Capital City.


              The Prime minister had a monotonous tone, which made the already boring speech even more boring.
              “We must reform economically…Blah, blah, blah, blah…”
              The Emperor almost fell asleep in his chair, Why did he have to come to these boring things, everyone knew the Prime Minister had in truth almost no power, he dealt with internal affairs, the Emperor with external affairs, but the…While the Emperor was thinking about these things, a tiny man came up and informed the Emperor about the landings, and their successes. The Emperor stood up, and shouted “YES!” The entire crowd, including the Prime Minister looked at the Emperor, the Emperor looked around, and laughed, and like a teacher scolding a school child, the Prime Minister asked,
              “Are you finished?”
              The Emperor smiled, and sat down…
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                "Dumb people are always blissfully unaware of how dumb they really are."
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                  : Sometimes less dialog and more describtive writing is needed to truly entice the reader to actually continue reading it.
                  : Furthermore, basing a story on WW2 is a very hard task, why not try middle ages or even "BC" eras.

                  Empires may come and go, but the word of God remains eternal.


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                    I have been following your story with great interest.

                    NM makes a few interesting points. But everyone needs to find their own writting style. In my case I would like to have seen bigger chapters. While I like the story, I think there should be more info provided.

                    Keep up the good work.
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                      Thank you both for comments, Nubian, this is not my first story thread, I have many, and I think only one other may cover this time. I believe that more info and descriptive writing is needed, though this is where I need the most help.
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                        Ch. 7.
                        -War does not determine who is right - only who is left.
                        -Bertrand Russell

                        The sky was a painting of reds and purples as the sun rose early that morning, and Jon was enjoying it, until he saw blobs of brown on the horizon. He took up his binoculars, and viewed the horizon. It was hard to see with the beautiful sun, yet he was able to make out large Mongol Tents. He set the binoculars down on the wall on which he was viewing the sun rise. He climbed off the wall which he was perched upon, and seemed to walk without a worry into the town.

                        He eventually came to a large brick building which was untouched by the pre-invasion bombing campaign.

                        “Major General Wilkes?”

                        A somewhat short, and bald man stepped forward and tightened himself up as military men do.
                        “Reporting Sir.” The man said in a voice attempting to compensate for his height.
                        “At ease.” Jon replied. The short man somewhat eased from his tightened position.
                        Jon continued, “How many of troops are Combat ready?”
                        “Around seventy-five percent of the men and equipment landed last night, and are ready to deploy.”
                        “Are the tanks ready?”
                        “Yes sir!” the Major said with an enthusiastic bellowed.
                        Jon was somewhat startled at this, but ordered the man with his division to move out.

                        …Eastern Front…

                        Pierce gazed into the High Noon Sun, thinking and resting at the same time. It had only been a few days since the invasion, yet the Empire Forces had already broken out. Marine forces had landed in the north, near Turfan. And Beshbalik had also been taken. Now, only the Core Mongols cities of New Sarai and the Capital Remained. Pierce and his division were deployed with an Armored group which was bound for New Sarai and eventually the Mongol Capital.

                        “Sir?” yelled one of his platoon members, and Pierce quickly fell back into his formation. Throughout the day, the Empire’s Areoplanes continued to fly unchallenged over the Cities while they bombed them.

                        …Mongol Capital…

                        Kublai walked down the cobblestone road with his backpack. He stopped, and looked to the sky, he was dismayed by the continual fog the Mongol Defense Forces released into the sky. He continued on his homeward journey when he heard the rumble of the enemy’s Areoplanes. He started to run home and made it there just before the Empire started to release their deadly bombs.
                        Their home was a large one, Kublai’s father being the Son of the Grand Khan, and they were well off.

                        Kublai’s mother saw him standing in the doorway, looking blankly at the sky. And screamed for his safety,
                        “Kublai!” the future Khan looked at his mother with a astonished look before she took him in her arms, and whisked him away to the Bomb Shelter.

                        The Bomb shelter was also rather large, right below their large house. Kublai saw many other of the neighbors there, and greeted them all as he usually had to do.
                        The bombing lasted for more than an hour, but after that, Kublai’s perception of time faded as he fell asleep.
                        The Mongols had laid the perfect ambush for the Empire Tank column which came before them, though often outgunned and outclassed, the Mongols always fought bravely for their country and Khan.

                        The tanks continued to roll through the thin road as planned, until they came to a crossroads, which had been turned into a swamp of mud by the Ambushers. The lead tank discontinued the advance.
                        The Major General came to the front, with a few of his officers to inspect the mud, it was thick, and yet there was no way to go around it, for most of the plains were also muddy. The Mongols observed with interested eyes. The accurate Mongol Infantry raised their rifles, and prepared to attack the vulnerable Armored Group.

                        …Eastern Front…

                        Most of the Mongol troops in New Sarai were unexperienced troops, and had received a brutal punishment from the Empire’s Air Force(EAF). Pierce and his group moved in behind the Armored divisions.
                        The tanks were one of the most awe inspiring weapons Pierce had ever seen, they punished any unit that dared to challenge them. But the Mongols were learning from each encounter. The lead tank was advancing when it was hit with a Mongol rocket from a window, immediately the advance stopped, the second tank turned its turret, and fired, the building crumbled into rubble. Events like these were reported all over the Front, but even so, the Empire’s forces continued to advance.

                        Kublai woke up on a mattress that was located in the bomb shelter, but there was no one else in the shelter, he stumbled up the stairs, still half asleep, when he came up, he realized he wasn’t upstairs, he was outside.

                        The fog had cleared, Kublai thought that the machines which produced them were most likely destroyed, it was not much of a city anymore, more debris than city, some sections had been spared, but not many. Kublai found his parents soon enough, and they together went to the Palace.
                        Kublai remembered the palace, especially the garden, it were so pretty, especially during the Springtime, when most of it was flowering, all different colors of purple, yellow, reds, and others, but the garden was but a crater now. They came to Kublai’s Grandfather, who was sitting at a large table, talking with his top Generals. The Khan turned from his chair and hugged his grandchild. After the usual kind words were exchanged, the Khan turned rather grave, and murmured a few words to his son. Kublai’s father didn’t speak when the Khan spoke, only nodded.

                        That night, they moved to the city which the Mongols had captured from the Germans, Dortmund, and took up residence there.

                        The Mongols took aim, and their commander nodded. At once, the Major dropped down into the mud along with some of his officers. Many of the tank’s turrets turned, but they were unsure of where the fire was coming from, the slaughter continued until the Tank commanders found out they were easy targets and then ducked into their tanks. The Mongols then took advantage of the weak spot of the tanks, by using Bazookas to destroy more tanks, but this exposed the Mongol attackers, so the tank commanders who had not been shot, and were still commanding, blasted these areas, and soon the Mongols had withdrawn.

                        Many tanks and lives had been lost, and Schaffield always remembered this incident. But he had no time to fight himself over that. He had to worry about the invasion of the Mongol Capital and remnants.
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                          The last chapter.
                          -Peace and friendship with all mankind is our wisest policy, and I wish we may be permitted to pursue it.
                          -Thomas Jefferson

                          Pierce and his platoon advanced into a small villa just outside of the Mongol Capital, as the dark, damp dirt road, turned into a soft grey cobblestone, the men stompped their boots in a futile attempt to get the slippery dirt off their boots.

                          “Looks like there is no one home.” Corporal Tela remarked. And some of the men laughed, until a single shot rang out. A helmet and a man fell to the ground right beside Pierce. One of the men nicknamed (Not cleverly, but it worked) Captain Obvious shouted, appropriate to his name,
                          “Sniper!” The men ran out of the street, and into the cover of the buildings.
                          “Where is he?” asked Pierce to his men.
                          Kano, located on the other side of the cobblestone road yelled,
                          “Brick, corner, Upper window!”
                          Pierce called to the sniper of the group, William.
                          “Where is he sir?” William asked when he got their. Pierce told William all that Kano had told him. And quickly formulated a plan.
                          “Kano?! You still have Flashies?”
                          “Yes sir!”
                          “Throw it on my count!”
                          “Yes sir!”

                          More dialogue ensued, but Pierce had adequately relayed his plan to Kano and William.
                          “Now!” Pierce yelled.
                          Kano pulled the pin on his “Flashy” and threw it, though, he was a little disappointed he couldn’t look, as he usually did.

                          Bloop! The Flashy made, and an unbearable noise was heard, William peeked out of his cover, and got a bead on the enemy sniper.
                          Bang! And the sniper fell out of the window, dead.

                          Some of the men peeked out, but once they saw Pierce step out, they all did. They advanced through the villa, till the came to the edge, they met no more resistance. They then took up residence in the abandoned village until the main assault began on the Mongol Capital.

                          Pierce looked into the bright morning sky, it was red, not a good sign for when they attacked the Capital. The men were all lazy as they got up, and they had the right to be, they had been fighting a long and hard battle, but the worst was yet to come. But soon the Empire’s Planes had covered the sky, and were soon going to bomb what was left of the Mongol Defense Forces.

                          Corporal Tela rushed out of the building in which the men had slept, and gave the received orders to Pierce. On a piece of paper was a message, quickly and messily written.

                          MOVE OUT.

                          Pierce took the paper and ran it through his fingers, and looked back to the sky. He looked to Tela, and told him to tell the men.

                          Schaffield was driving the jeep which was the head of a long column of tanks, transportation vehicles, and the few unlucky marchers. They were headed to aid the forces already en route to the Mongol capital, and Schaffield was the general who was in command of Operation Doom, which was the code name for the capture of the Mongol Capital.

                          The troops and Schaffield soon arrived at was to be the Field HQ for Operation Doom. Schaffield had already replaced Wilkes with a stalwart Colonel named Higgs. And this division was going to lead the Ambush forces.

                          Pierce had his men form outside the villa, and started the march to the Capital, soon, the came upon a hill, and from the top of the hill, they saw a city with huge skyscrapers-not of stone or steel, but of smoke. Most of the buildings had been replaced with rubble, and the few which remained were battle scarred. The troops looked upon Pierce, but he had already started towards the city.

                          Higgs and his Tank group advanced upon the Mongol city and walls, but the gates and walls which used to block the entrance had been destroyed. They continued, and no resistance was meant. Higgs took this as a good sign, and got Schaffield on the radio.

                          “Sir, this is Higgs, Unit Alpha 001, no enemy units have attacked us. Enemy Presence questionable.”

                          Schaffield knew this was a ploy to lure the Empire into a false sense of security.

                          “Negatory, increase vigilance.” Was all he replied.

                          Higgs was dismayed, but continued at his fast pace, until his neatly organized column of Tanks was fired upon by Mongol Machine guns. The tanks were unable to be of use at this close of a distance, and two of them were destroyed before the advance turned to a retreat.

                          Higgs had only a company of Infantry men with him, and they were at the back of the column. The situation degenerated when a tank in the middle of the column was destroyed and rendered motionless, thus creating a traffic jam trapping the forward part of the column.

                          The Mongol machine gun fire was coming from to alley ways, and the Infantry commander knew this.

                          “One platoon with me!”
                          The platoon followed him into a building where they navigated to the back of the alley, there, two shirtless Mongols were continuing their deadly reign of fire. The Commander popped one in the back, and the other was quickly killed, the tank Machine guns started to fire near the second machine gun nest was, and soon Mongol forces there soon withdrew and prepared to fight at the last stand at the Palace.

                          Pierce walked through the streets, which had already been mostly pacified by the Tanks, and encircled the Palace, an estimated one hundred and five Mongol Palace Guards remained, for the other troops had withdrawn.

                          The Palace was on a high hill, totally separate of the city, there was only one road to it, which the Mongols had attempted to block, though it didn’t work.

                          The Empire forces soon organized a large force, with Pierce’s Platoon at the head. They came under fire once they reached the gate, from two buildings which seemed to be guard houses or something of the sort, the Platoon soon cleared them both, and used them as a vantage point for the rest of the palace as other forces moved in. Soon the palace guards were overrun, and withdrew to the main complex.

                          The main complex was nothing more than a long hall, though Mongol Propaganda presented it as a huge facility with a large bunker. At the end of the hall was the throne room, most likely where the Khan was located. Not very many of the guard remained, and most were fatigued, but they were fanatical to their Khan, and stood between the Khan and the invading forces.

                          The Empire’s forces prepared for a final assault when a lone gun shot was heard throughout the city. The guards looked towards the throne room, and the Empire Forces caught them all by surprise.

                          Pierce entered the throne room alone, and there was the Khan, slumped over in his chair with a single gun shot, Pierce took the dead Khan over his shoulder, and presented it to the Commanding Officer.

                          Schaffield was amazed, but had the Khan secretly buried before anyone else knew.

                          With the seat of government destroyed, The Empire quickly mopped up the remnants of the Mongol forces, until General Dur-new Khan of the Mongols surrendered at Dortmund.

                          This marked the end of hostilities-on the northern edge of the second continent. The Empire now turned to its former ally, Germany.

                          Empire forces where positioned in both Dortmund and Essen, both of which were conquered by the Mongols, and then the Empire.

                          Pierce and his platoon had no rest, they were quickly sent to Essen, and prepared for a special mission.

                          A few years ago, the Germans had been allies of the Empire, until Mongolia captured Bismarck, and installed a puppet government in his place, since then, the Germans had been enemies of the Empire, though most Germans hated the puppet government, and eagerly awaited liberation from the Empire. Bismarck had been in prison, and was rumored to be in a prison just outside of Berlin.

                          Pierce and his platoon were unsure of their mission until the final hour. A transport plane would fly them with the bombers bombing Berlin, and they would drop near the Prison complex, they would neutralize the south towers, and quickly achieve “Fire superiority” against the guards, they would find Bismarck, and head towards the coast, where the Submarine Swordfish would be waiting for them. It sounded easy enough.

                          The ride to Berlin was not easy. The Germans had learned from the Mongolians to start shooting artillery type weapons in the air, though they still had no weapon to compare to the Areoplane. Eventually the plane came to the designated target, and the green light was given, and each man jumped out.

                          All the men landed relatively safely, though some harder than others. But everyone said they were ready to go.

                          They proceeded to the Prison, which had been largely woken up by the midnight bombing run on the nearby city.

                          “Kano!” Pierce whispered as loud as he could.

                          Kano, now much older, and as a man who had seen war, had lost a lot of his childishness, though he was still the comedian.

                          “Yes sir?” he inquired.

                          “Diversion, North, Rondol.” Was all Pierce told him. Kano nodded, and called Rondol to follow him.

                          The layout of the Prison was fairly simple. A northeast tower, a northwest tower, and the exact same on the south. Pierce’s plan was also very simple, create a diversion to the north, snipe the south towers, use the Prison as cover, take the north towers, and get Bismarck out.

                          Soon a loud noise, along with a large orange and red ball of fire, exploded at the base of the Northeast tower. All the guards looked towards the explosion, and William picked of the South guards until the main force had entered the prison. Rondol and Kano neutralized the other north tower, and then joined the main assault force inside the Prison. The guards who woke up were tied together against a pole, and mouths taped as they secured the prisoners and began the evacuation.

                          The next morning they were on the cost, almost to the point where they were to meet the Swordfish. Gun shots could be heard in the distance, most likely the invasion of Berlin. They soon boarded the Swordfish, and withdrew to the main fleet, where they were informed that Germany had surrendered. All the men were awarded, not only with medals and fame, but with the knowledge that they helped turn the tide of the war and win it for the Empire. All, including the generals, retired, and lived to ripe old ages, when they died in Peace. The world was at peace.
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