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DirectX options in Steam launch window???

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  • DirectX options in Steam launch window???

    Hi, what is up with the multiple launch options in Steam and their effects on the game?

    1) Play Sid Meiers's Civ V
    2) Sid Meiers Civ 5 (DirectX 9)

    if I choose option 1 then another screen comes up and offers me (redundantly) to select to play using DirectX 9 OR DirectX 10 & 11 (RECOMMENDED).

    If I choose "DirectX 10 & 11 (RECOMMENDED)" then it appears to me that the game does not display as well as it does on DirectX 9 (the water tyles for example are much better under DirectX 9.

    Why the options? and why do at least some things appear better under 9?
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    You may be able to find a solution for reinstalling DirectX.
    You can also check the integrity of the game files in steam.
    Either there is a problem in the system.


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      I also had this problem when I was a total newb to PCs. I didn't know that time how precious were DirectX to gaming.


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        I would like to purchase this DirectX of which you speak so highly of.