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Can you get me out of the mess I put myself in?

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  • Can you get me out of the mess I put myself in?

    So had to get new discs from 2k as mine got scratched from overuse...(you know you play to much civ when your discs become unuasable) so I was away from the game for awhile. Started up a match on a normal sized terra map (the only REAL way to play civ) and found out I no longer knew how to play. Started a war with the native americans and it was going ok, waaay to long but ok. Had reasonable relations with other civs so prolonged the war to build castles for a quest. Turned out to be a mistake as the reward was not worth it. Ended up not finishing the war with native america and having war declared on me by bismark.....

    Thinking of going back to an earlier save and not pursuing the castle quest to see what happens but thought I would post my save here after bismark declared to see what I can learn. Feel free to play the game, comment on what you do and the results, also comment on how I screwed up getting to this point. Just make sure it stays constructive . Anyway have fun!
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    The first few things I see.

    1. Build a couple boats and get out there exploring. You don't really know enough of the land to make good calls about when/where to attack.

    2. You seem to be going Replaceable Parts/Rifling. Go for steel instead. Cannons will get you more wins with less casualties. Any unit can be left behind to hold a city afterwards. Use trebuchets for city attacks until then. They blow cannons away.

    3. Run a religious civic, any work but I'm going to say Theocracy since you're in a war.

    4. You're in 2 wars (once of which you're outmatched in), make more units. You have cities doing infrastructure right now when they can be contributing to a victory. When you fight, use everything you've got.

    5. Unhappy, you're running slavery. Why are you suffering from happiness issues? Start whipping away.

    6. More Trebuchets (until cannons). Personally, I run about 75% of my army as siege units. It's really unbalanced just how powerful they are.

    7. Ignore Sitting Bull, Bismark has airships. You need siege weapons and you need to take one of his cities. That way you can trade it back to him for peace (if you go for Dusseldorf you can get horses for a few turns as well, knights will mess up his units in your territory... after siege wreck them). Alternatively you can crush his stack and take several of his cities.


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      interesting will have to check these ideas out. I don't use theocracy often, may have to consider that. I don't use trebuchets much either usually prefer catapults but will have to look at them. As I can only attack on places close to me as building ships and putting units on them would take way to long it seems for me always hadn't thought about it but will do some ships.

      Haven't looked at this game in awhile started a new one and doing much better there...
      A university faculty is 500 egoists with a common parking problem