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    Making a During Action Report.

    If you want to include Screenshots:
    Imageshack is the best (I mean this is an absolute, it's simply the best!). In fact I suggest downloading the Imageshack Toolbar (available for both Firefox and Internet Explorer), you can then drag and drop image files directly onto the "Upload" button on the toolbar. You can then use the "Forums" code line to add the image to your post (either full size or thumbnail).
    PLEASE NOTE: If you're going to post full size then please crop or resize the image to 800x600 or smaller (and make sure it's .jpg format!). You can use nearly any image program for this, IrfanView works great.

    Screenshots from ingame (taken with PrintScreen button) are found in Documents\Games\Beyond the Sword\Screenshots
    You can also hit print screen then switch to a program like IrfanView and hit paste, then save it manually.

    What to include in your report:
    At a minimum, please try and include a screenshot of your entire empire at the "end date" (ie 1AD). You can do this either by zooming out to globe view, or by using Flying Camera.

    When taking this screenshot I suggest turning on Grid, and Show Resources, such that it's easier to see where cities are. You can also hit Alt-I to turn off the interface to get more screen realestate. The advantage of using Flying Camera to take this screenshot is you get more detail.

    INI Options for Autosave and Flying Camera:
    Open the Civilization4.ini file, found in Documents/My Game/Beyond the Sword

    AllowFlying = 1
    This turns on flying camera - enable this by hitting ctrl-alt-f, play around with it. You can also hit alt-f to turn on "satelite camera" which lets you zoom straight out.

    MaxAutoSaves = 500
    This causes it to save up to 500 autosaves, so you'll be able to go back to check earlier stuff.

    AutoSaveInterval = 1
    This causes it to save the autosave EVERY turn, so you'll always at least have an autosave of reporting dates which you didn't notice passing by. It's also useful for if CIV crashes.

    So with the report itself:
    The amount of detail you include is really up to you. It's best to focus on decisions, rather than "This is what I did" focus on "Here is why I did this". If you agonized over a city placement, it's good to mention that. Ultimately, just do whatever you're comfortable with.

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    Thank you for posting this, Blake; I think it will be a big help to people. So much so that I'm going to top it
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      If you want to include Screenshots:
      Imageshack is the best (I mean this is an absolute, it's simply the best!).

      Wrong! Abusing googlepages is the best


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        On ImageShack, which code do I use for non-thumbnail images?
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          The link called "direct"

          You need to put it in [img][/img] tags.

          It'll also give you a pre-packaged "Full sized link for forums", but it does so in about 3 different ways and not at all... if you use toolbar then when you drag and drop MULTIPLE images, it gives you a handy pre-packaged link, but it doesn't for a single image. (weird, I know).


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            Thanks........its very informativr post.......