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AU202 DAR Thread 3 - Renaissance ~ Modern Era

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  • AU202 DAR Thread 3 - Renaissance ~ Modern Era

    Post your AU202 DARs here.
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    Krill the weak, or the why should I build units? version on CIV

    Turn Log

    890AD: GA in Nidaros. Kept for Golden Age.
    920AD: Complete and artist because of the nat epic in Nidaros Well, I wish it was a GP because that would have been the first GA taken care of...
    1010AD: Final settler for my island is built.
    1055AD: GP from Nidaros First Golden age is sorted though.
    1100AD Convert to Mercantilism
    1160AD: Meet Tokugawa, GS in Nidaros, added to Nidaros
    1190AD: Meet Roosevelt.
    1205AD: Research Economics, gain GM, added to Nidaros (by accident, I planned to add it to my second city. My excuse is that it was about 3 am when this happened...)
    1265AD: GS in Nidaros, added to Nidaros.
    1325AD: Roosevelt is the first to discover lib. I could have beaten him, but I always have so much trouble on picking a tech that I jsut leave it to the AI. Not brilliant strategy, but it makes things more interesting.
    1345AD: Alexander declares war and moves 2 gallys+2treimes into my, I'll just build some caravels...after I buy the needed tech...
    1355AD: Toku is first to circumnavigate the globe...
    1365AD: Alex lands 2 axes and a cat next to a city with a scout, 5 warriors an axe and a spear...with a cat outside...upgrade the axe...yeah, I normally can't be arsed to build units under these conditions, I'll just build a load of warriros early on to have large cities under hed rule, and then upgrade them when (not if) I'm invaded.
    1375AD: Research Constitution, enter representation. Screw the war...and unhappiness. Immediately research Drama for culture slider and theatres, and lotsa happiness.
    1405AD: GS in Nidaros, added to city
    1495AD: GS in Nidaros, added to city
    1575AD: research Sci Method. No Oikl in sight.
    1605AD: GE in Nidaors, added to city.
    1630AD: Peace with Alex. I don't want to invade, because I want this game over asap. And I don't want another AI colonising his land. Roosevelty changes to Emancipation, the first of a growing number of AI to do this.
    1655AD: meet Izzy, the tech laggard.
    1660AD: research Medicine, change to Environmentalism.
    1675AD: Wang Kon cohanges to Emancipation.
    1705AD: First to research Physics. GS born in Nidaros, added to city.
    1710AD: GS born in Nidaros, added to city.
    1765AD: Izzy declares war and kills a few Frigates I have positioned over coastal food.
    1770AD: Izzy lands 6 units (2 trebs, 2 longbow, conq and one gren)
    1785AD: GG in Nidaros, added to city.
    1790AD: GP in Nidaros, held for Golden Age.
    1810AD: GG in Nidaros, added to second city.
    1815AD: Izzy adopts Emancipation.
    1840AD: GS in Bjřrgvin (third city), added to Nidaros
    1875AD: GS in Nidaros, added to city.
    1885AD: Peace with Izzy.


    So...I got invaded twice, and neither time did the AI manage to do anything apart from pillage a few fishing nets. Put simply, the easiest way to ride out an AI naval attack is to build a strong economy and simply stuff each city with units that give hapiness and can be upgraded to decent units,, so that when the AI invades they aren't able to take the city and you can simply drop to max tax and upgrade the units as required. The other thing that I did was rely on better naval units. Each time the AI invaded I was able to fortify my resources with either caravels/galleons to triemes, or ironclads to frigates. Even the slower movement of ironcalds isn;t a problem for the Vikings, as all boats start with +1 movement, and ironclads are powerful enough that the ironclads asigned to patrolling can be upgraded along the +1 movement line, and the ironclads forted on resources can be given combat promotions. The one time I sent a warship out of my my culture was when I went to fortify a frigate to the east of my continent to act as a sentry, and that got quickly sunk so I didn't bother after that.

    I managed to kill off Izzys' land units because I was able to upgrade a few units to rifles and her trebs bounced off and I moped up the rest. Nothing to it.

    As stated above, I never bother to research lib simply because I can't be bothered. I usually save it for medicine in OCC games, but this game is quite a bit slower than an OCC game due to a number of reasons, the main one being that it is hard to get a few universities up to get Oxford in my cap.

    Now, the most intersting part of this game to me was the use of theatres and the culture slider to keep the population happy. The way I looked at it, the majority of the beakers I was producing were coming directly from scientists and GSs' added to Nidaros, so even if I put the culture slider up to 100% I would still be researching at about 90% of maximum speed. Now add in a theatre to each city and a colluseum, and that city would have +25 happy faces, enough to ride rough shod over the unhappiness forced on me by all of the AI in Emancipation. This is one of the advantages of running a Specialist economy, or rather one of the counter balances. I was stuck running Caste System and Representation, and while Pacifism was not 100% required, moving into another religious civic would have stunted my science rate in the late game. Mercantilism was just a short term measure for a few extra hammers in my fishing villages (get a forge in the city and use one other hammer producing tile and you have +5 hammers per turn, which isn't bad when all you want are beakers, and the engineer specialist are producing +3 beakers as well anyway). Environmentalism and hospitals where needed gave me the extra health needed to keep the population productive, so I was capable of growing all of my cities now to larger sizes and using more specialists, ramping up my science rate to keep me competitive in the late game with empires two or three times my size.

    You just wasted six ... no, seven ... seconds of your life reading this sentence.


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      1514 AD – 1866 AD

      First thing I realised was that I hadn’t built the Heroic Epic which is pretty ordinary. I choose Upsalla because it has the greatest hammer potential on the home isle (other than the capital – want to keep the capital for Ironworks and Oxford). Sparta is a better choice than Upsalla but I am worried about its geographical remoteness. In hindsight I should have built it in the southern city because I had a brain explosion and forgot that I really wanted to build Wall Street in Upsalla so West Point can’t also go there. On the other hand I don’t think I am going to have time to build either of those things.

      Research goes Philosophy -> Liberalism. A great scientist is added to Niadros. I trade Drama to Alex and Toku for 210 and 150 gold respectively. These moves are aimed at getting to Liberalism first but I am, of course beaten to it by Roosevelt. On the plus side I have a tech to trade now so I trade it to Elizabeth for Guilds and 200 gold and to Wang Kwon for Engineering, 230 gold and his map. I also revolt to Free Speech.

      After Liberalism the research path goes Banking -> Economics -> Astronomy -> Gunpowder -> Chemistry -> Steel. Toku asks me to join him in running Mercantilism, I decline and he becomes annoyed with me. Once I get Economics I revolt to Free Market.

      I found a number of colonies in this period, Lödöse founded on the island north of the greek home isle

      Odense founded on an island to the east of the viking home isle.

      Oslo founded on the island that sepearates the Vikings from the Japanese.

      Ribe on the island north of the Greek home isle.

      After Chemistry I build up an attacking force by upgrading my galleys to Galleons and my Berserkers to Grenadiers. My plan is to attack Roosevelt because he is running away with the game. The first target is Detroit

      It falls to an amphibious landing of grenadiers and we raze it because the city could be better sited.

      After a couple of turns of bombarding with frigates Portland falls to an amphibious assault.

      As great as being able to upgrade a CR3 Mace to a CR3 Grenadier is, it is even better to be able to upgrade a CR3 Berserker to a CR3 amphibious Grenadier. I need a whole stack more frigates to make this naval strategy work properly but against longbows and crossbows it works well.

      With Steel finished we enter the Industrial Age. Trade Steel to Wang Kwon for printing press, nationalism, his map and 540 gold. Trade Steel to Elizabeth for Constitution and 300 gold. Revolt to Nationhood and start drafting musketmen to protect our cities because our garrisons have been appallingly bad. Everyone except Alex is in emancipation so our emancipation anger is severe and we are now driving for Democracy.

      San Francisco falls with no losses.

      New Orleans falls to a combine land and sea invasion, removing the American presence from the island.

      A Great Scientist is born in Niadros. We add him to the city to help speed up Democracy. We trade Music to Alex for 220 gold.

      New York falls to an amphibious assault for the loss of one cannon. New York had a large part of the American fleet in it so it was costly to lose the city.

      New York is located on the American home isle so now we are driving for the capital but first we need to take down Boston.

      The American response:

      6 Galleons can have a lot of units in them so we could be in a bit of trouble. I sink 3 galleons with frigates and then the remaining 3 break off their run and retire towards Buffalo (on an island to the east of the American home isle). Enroute I sink another one.

      The Americans now appear like they were just rallying their fleet at Buffalo and now push towards taking back the island I have taken from them.

      I sink another 2 galleons but that still leaves 4 so we could be in for some interesting times on the island. Fortunately I have a number of units there and the best the Americans will be able to muster is Knights.

      A Great general is born, and we use him to construct a military academy in Uppsala.

      With Democracy finished I revolt to Emancipation. Research is set to Replaceable Parts -> Rifling. It turns out the squadron of galleons was actually a pillaging party because they pillage my nets rather than land troops. I lost 3 nets but they lost all their galleons for no loss.

      Boston falls to a ground assault. With my frigates off chasing galleons I thought it would be better to march overland and use cannons to take down the defences.

      The pace of comquest speeds up. Washington falls to an amphibious assault.

      Buffalo falls to an amphibious assault.

      Atlanta falls to an amphibious assault.

      Seattle falls to an amphibious assault.

      All of a sudden after being really frosty with me since we met Isabella starts trying to get cosy. She proposes Furs for Rice which I accept. Then she asks for open borders. As Wang and Liz are both happy with her I accept. The diplomatic situation looking pretty good now.

      With Rifling finished I start drafting riflemen to help my poor garrisons. Research now goes Corporation -> Steam Power -> Railroad. With reinforcements catching up, Philidelphia falls to a ground assault, keeping with the nautical theme they were dropped off adjacent to the city rather than marched.

      Chicago falls to a ground assault. This annexes the American home isle and I think I will declare peace now because the WW is trashing my economy. I extort 740 gold out of Roosevelt.

      Traded Steam power to Isabella for Scientific Method. Traded Railroad to Issabella for Physics. Traded Railroad for Divine Right, Military Tradition and gold with Wang.

      Research now goes Communism -> Assembly Line -> Fascism. I start another war with the Greeks because everyone hates them and their capital is stealing some squares from my conquered Greek cities. I roll them up pretty quickly, the new Greek capital of Thebes falls to an amphibious assault.

      Pharlos falls to an amphibious assault

      Hilcarnassus falls to an amphibious assault

      Epheus falls to amphibious assault

      Rhodes falls to an amphibious assault.

      The last bastion of Greekness is a small island in the southern tundra so I declare peace. I want to get around to taking it down to remove the “motherland” happiness penalty but I think I have bigger fish to fry.

      With the completion of Fascism I revolt to Police State and State Property.

      Research now goes Combustion -> Flight. Leicester (which was founded on the ruins of Detroit) flips to me. I don’t want anyone else to settle there so I take the city rather than disbanding it.

      Noticing that Toku and Isabella have a defensive pact I change my plan to knock over Toku and decide to knock over Elizabeth instead. This is going to be tricky because she has better technology than me, including destroyers and battleships. I upgrade all my frigates to destroyers and attack

      I take Notingham.

      I get a Great General and build an academy in Niadros.

      Canterbury falls.

      As I needed to feed a lot of cannons into the battle to knock over the defending Infantry I landed and then attacked. I think this is quite effective way of doing things because we can move quickly that way. I think Artillery would make a big difference though so we might go for that next.

      Isabella suddenly declares on me. I assume Elizabeth bribed her into it. I don’t really fear Isabella but I am sure she could do some damage to my empire. I think I will maul her next.

      London falls.

      I am now out of siege units so I will halt the advance for the moment and I make peace with Elizabeth for 500 gold

      With Flight finished we enter the modern era.

      Overview of our empire:


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        Normal Speed Noble w Blake's AI Mod
        The Renance Era
        1410 - 1802

        Current Civics: H.R + Bur + Serfdom + Org Rel [Judism] + default Economics

        1410 Start Liberalism for the free tech.

        1430 Sack Pharos; this also yields us a worker the Greeks built just for us.
        Alexander finally comes to his senses and capitulates

        1470 Build Academy in Opacha, whose commerence is riveling the capital even with the capital's 50% bonus
        Sell Divine Right to Liz for Eng & 40 gold

        1480 Choose Astronmeny as Free Tech; a no brainer on this map.
        Start Economics; plan is to use the free Great Merchant to generate cash to upgrade Archers to Longbows.
        Korea closes the border now that trade is possible.
        Trade Sugar to Liz for Cow to improve our citizens health
        Use Great Phophet born in the middle of the 2nd Greek war to build the Muslim Shrine
        Use the remaining cash plundered from the Greeks to upgrade all Galleys to Galleons and all remaining Triembes to Caravels.
        Adopt Free Religion + Merchantism.
        The Mer switch is because Rosevelt is running Merch, and the only other civs with open borders are Liz and Alex.
        Moreover, Liz apperently only has 3 cities, and Alex only 1.
        The Free Religion switch is because with 1 settler in route and 3 more in the queue our empire is now too big for org religion.

        1490 Rossevelt closes borders

        1510 Liz adopts Merchantism
        Found Stigr Fish on NE corner of Gem Island

        1520 Start Printing Press
        Found Lodose, taking in Stone & Pigs in Northern Gem Island

        1535 Free Great Merchant condustrs a trade mission in London for 1900 gold. All archers upgraded to Longbows.

        1540 Complete Heroic Epic in Berka

        1550 Start Nationalism. Isabell adopts Merchantism

        1555 Settle Great Prophet in Nicros

        1570 Found Odese; fresh water for spice island

        1575 Start Constitution. Found Oslo, "infill" Clam Island

        1605 Start Democracy

        1620 Wang Kan adopts F.M. But won't open his borders
        Roosevelt opens the borders. (But keeps Merchantism)
        Found Ribe, "infill" Fish Island

        1630 Tok adopts Merchantism
        Build Academy in Bajorgrin.

        1640 Liz adopts F.M.

        1645 Start Corp for Wall Street
        Adopt U.S., F.S., Eman
        The three civic switch is because my empire now has so many cities that it costs 2 turns of anarchy for a 2nd civic switch but it doesn't increase for a 3rd
        The U.S. switch is for a few hammers from towns and also some cash rushing
        The F.S. switch is because my empire has grown to big for Bur.
        The Eman switch is simply to cause the AI some unhappiness.

        1660 Ross adopts F.M.

        1675 Complete Taj Mahel in Nicros. This starts my Golden Age

        1680 Start Gun Powder for better military units

        1690 Start Replacable Parts for Lumbermills & prereq to Rifling.
        Trade with Liz: Spice for Crabs

        1695 Trade with Isabella: Gems, Sugar, Pigs for Gold, Silk, Fur

        1710 Start Rifling to allow military modernization

        1715 My GA ends

        1720 Ross closes the borders

        Use a recently born Great Artist to build a great work in Odise which takes in the last few tiles of spice island

        1740 Start Military Tradition

        1760 Complete Globe Theater in Zillis

        1765 Start Chem (for Frigates)

        1770 Liz adopts FR

        1785 Start S.M. as part of beeline to Physics

        1790 Ross adopts Mer

        1802 Enter the Industrial Era

        This whole era has been mainly about internal development, especally scientific for all these high trade cities and gold for the holy cities.
        In the next era, this is continuing but on a higher level (quite a few national wonders in progress), but will switch more towards production.
        Attached Files
        1st C3DG Term 7 Science Advisor 1st C3DG Term 8 Domestic Minister
        Templar Science Minister
        AI: I sure wish Jon would hurry up and complete his turn, he's been at it for over 1,200,000 milliseconds now.


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          Normal Speed Noble w Blake's AI Mod
          The Industrial Era
          1802 - 1908

          Current Civics: Dem + Free Speach + Eman + Mer + Free Religion

          1802 Start Physics for the Free Scientist

          1806 Ross reaches Physics first and gets it instead

          1808 Complete Statue of Liberty in the capital, providing a second free specalist on the starting landmass.

          1810 Build Academy in Rost with a Great Scientist born a few turns before.

          All remaining Berserkers upgraded to Rifles as part of our army modernization campaign

          Tork will finally trade. Get his Corn & Dye for Clams & Gems

          1816 Start Steam Power for it's naval value on this sort of map.

          1818 All remaining Caravels upgraded to Frigates as part of our naval modernization campaign

          1820 Start Steel for an Iron Works.

          1828 Found Lindum, Desert Copper Colony.

          1830 Ross opens borders

          1834 Start Biology for more food, particularly on Gem Island.

          Wang Kon adopts Free Religion

          Found Lasteras, Southern City on Copper Colony island to bring in additonal fish.

          1840 Liz adopts FM

          1846 Start Railroad; it's extra hammer for many improvements makes it worthwhile.

          1848 Complete Forbiden Palace in Tansnes, the most productive city on Gem Island.

          Ross adopts FM

          If I were a spiritial civ, at this point I'd switch to Free Market, but as a non spirtial civ,
          it's not particularly worth it mostly due to the risk of either Liz or Ross (or both) civs readopting Merch and/or closing the border

          1858 Start Combustion for it's modern naval units.

          1864 Conduct Trade Mission in Washington; use $ to upgrade several Longbows into Rifles

          1868 Stop Assembly Line

          1870 Complete Oxford in Uppsula

          1872 Ross closes the borders

          1880 Start Fascism to get a free Great General

          1886 Start Med to improve the health of our citizens

          1888 Complete Wall Street in capital

          Assign General Patton to a level 4 unit to bump it to level 6 to allow West Point.

          1894 Complete Iron Working in Jelling

          1900 Settle Great Prophet in Capital

          1908 Enter the Modern Era

          The plan is to win by space race, but we're continuing to fund unit upgrades;
          If any AI dares builds the UN, we are going to sack the offending city to the ground.
          In addition, if any AI dares to build 2 legendary cities, we will sack the offending cities to the ground.

          For this purpose, we have 6 very experenced Infs from the Greek war that used to be Berserkers, and therefore have amp & city raider promotions.
          In addition, the future West Point City will build some Marines; and misc cities are building Destroyers and later Battleships when no improvement adviable.
          Attached Files
          1st C3DG Term 7 Science Advisor 1st C3DG Term 8 Domestic Minister
          Templar Science Minister
          AI: I sure wish Jon would hurry up and complete his turn, he's been at it for over 1,200,000 milliseconds now.