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Donít Waste Time! 6 Facts Until You Reach Your When Is Hug Day

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  • Donít Waste Time! 6 Facts Until You Reach Your When Is Hug Day

    It is learned, told students and initiated the festival. This moment is the beginning of the movement embraces lived in Australia, and then the tradition has spread to Europe. Since 1986, this festival has been celebrated US residents, designating it as the National Day of hugs. Since then, the tradition of celebrating such an unusual holiday has spread around the world, and Hug Day acquired the status of an international festival. That same day, the boys and girls concluded in its embrace each other without any intimate motive.

    As a kind of legend, during a friendly hug people share warmth. Embrace - a form of expression of affection, love and appreciation between people. By entering into each other's arms, people, thus express their sympathy, friendship, gratitude, support, share with each other the pleasure and warmth. People hug each other when meeting and parting, during the happy moments and difficult situations. Hugs are very different: parental, friendly, friendly, romantic For More Detail