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Dales Combat Mod for BtS 3.17!

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  • Dales Combat Mod for BtS 3.17!

    Last edited by Dale; October 29, 2009, 15:33.

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      v1.6 Released for BtS 3.17!

      See first post for details.


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        v1.7 Released for BtS 3.17!

        See first post for details.


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          Re: Dales Combat Mod for BtS 3.17!

          Originally posted by Dale
          Dale's Combat Mod for Beyond the Sword 3.17!

          Dale's Combat Mod is the culmination of years of modding work in relation to combat and other combat related themes. It is the combination of a number of combat related Mod Components to increase the enjoyment in war during a game of Civ4.

          Updated to v1.7 for BtS 3.17! Please download again to obtain the new features!

          1. Download the mod.
          2. Unzip to your Mods folder: ..\Sid Meiers Civilization 4\Beyond the Sword\Mods\
          3. Launch BtS and switch to mod DalesCombatMod.
          4. Play as you normally would.


          The current version is DCM v1.7 for BtS 3.17
          You MUST have the BtS 3.17 patch installed to run DCM.

          This Mod combines all of Dale's combat related Mod Components, such as airbombing missions, battle effects and ranged bombardment. All source code is available for this mod, fully commented to easily signify what component code relates to. All components can be easily turned off or on in a single XML file which can be edited in any text editor.

          Included Components:

          Civ Customiser: Removed in v1.7 due to issues with BtS 3.17
          Civ Customiser gives players the ability to modify their Civ to their liking. After choosing a Civ and starting a game, popup windows will allow players to change the leaderhead, traits, starting techs, unique units and unique buildings.

          Airbomb Missions:
          The air-bombing missions which featured in the BtS Mod Road to War are now available separately! Bombers can now air-bomb city defenses, city buildings, port air-bomb mission to attempt to sink ships, or other air missions as added.

          Battle Effects:
          As opposed to most of my other Mod Components, this one is purely aesthetic. Ever wanted to see plumes of smoke from the battleground? Well this component is for you.

          Ranged Bombardment:
          Ranged Bombardment allows siege units to bombard in the field. By selecting the bombard icon you can select whether to bombard units, improvements or cities.

          Archer Bombardment:
          Archer Bombardment allows archer units to fire a volley at adjacent plots. In this way they can damage enemy units before combat.

          Civ Changer:
          Civ Changer allows you to change the Civ you are playing in-game.

          Combined Arms Stack Attack:
          Combined Arms Stack Attack allows a full stack of units to engage an enemy stack of units. It replaces the one-on-one combat concept and allows a full stack to work together to eliminate an enemy stack.

          Opportunity Fire:
          Opportunity Fire allows fortified bombard capable units (such as artillery) to automatically barrage enemy units which close on the position.

          Active Defense:
          Active Defense allows patrolling fighters to engage enemy troops closing on them. This includes fighters on patrol in any location (city, carrier, etc).

          Nuke Bomber Unit:
          The Nuke Bomber unit is an early atomic weapon available with Fission and Flight. The Nuke Bomber simulates the atomic bombs of World War II, specifically the ones dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

          Turning components on/off:

          1. Open the file ..\Mods\DalesCombatMod\Assets\XML\GlobalDefinesAlt .xml in notepad (or other text editor).
          2. Search for the relevent tag for the component you wish to edit (EG: DCM_CIV_CUSTOMISER for Civ Customiser).
          3. Edit the iDefineIntVal value such that 1 = on, 0 = off (zero).
          4. Save the file and restart the Mod. You should notice that the DCM Status popup changes to reflect the changes you make.


          This Mod is provided for the benefit of the whole community. Please use all/any parts as required, but please give me credit for the work I've done.

          A number of new XML tags have been added to certain files, please merge carefully into your own Mods. I suggest using WinMerge to help, as I will only provide "Best Effort" support of merging into your own Mods.

          All source code is included in the folder \CvGameCoreDLL\ inside the Mod's folder. I have made comments to help you identify which parts of the code belong to which components:

          // Dale - DCM: DalesCombatMod specific code (not related to any component)
          // Dale - AB: Airbombing missions
          // Dale - BE: Battle Effects
          // Dale - CC: Civ Customiser
          // Dale - RB: Ranged Bombard
          // Dale - CCH: Civ Changer
          // Dale - SA: CASA, Opportunity Fire, Active Defense
          // Dale - ARB: Archer Bombard
          // Dale - NB: Nuke Bomber

          DCM v1.7:
          - Removed Civ Customiser

          DCM v1.6:
          - Battle Effect length maxed at 10 turns
          - MHP requires Fission
          - Various bug fixes
          - Can Port Airbomb ships in forts
          - Solver's unofficial patch

          DCM v1.5:
          - Many bug fixes
          - Many balance changes
          - Been so long I've forgotten all of them

          DCM v1.3:
          - Added Fighter Engagement mission
          - Added CASA complete
          - Fixed Ranged Bombardment bug
          - Fixed Battle Effects bug
          - Fixed Nuke Bomber intercept bug

          DCM v1.2:
          - Updated Airbomb Missions to 1.3
          - Added Archer Bombard
          - Added Nuke Bomber Unit
          - Fixed Interface mode bug
          - Fixed Battle Effect bugs

          DCM v1.1:
          - Updated Airbomb Missions to 1.2
          - Added Ranged Bombardment
          - Added Civ Changer
          - Added Combined Arms Stack Attack (beta)
          - Added Opportunity Fire
          - Added Active Defense

          DCM v1.0:
          - Added Airbomb Missions
          - Added Civ Customiser
          - Added Battle Effects
          - Added required code for DCM Concepts and Status popup
          Mine came like this, the message says its on but the word says Off?

          Do I need to change it?

          In addition, I get none of the other screenshots like you show here?

          I downloaded from CFC

          I chose the Mod, it restarts and a nice revolutionary soldiers era splash screen comes up, shows Dale's Mod but no other screens like you show here....

          Any advice?


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          Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah


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            I reinstalled the Mod, changed the values and working fine

            I am wondering, a few of those had maybe a 7 and a couple had a 2...

            What does that mean?


            Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah


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              Hey Gramps, sorry I missed this yesterday.

              Here's what they do:

              DCM_BATTLE_EFFECTS - turn on scorched earth
              NUM_GAME_FEATURES - modders value only (how many features defined in mod: trees, ice, etc)
              NUM_BATTLE_FEATURES - modders value only (how many types of battle effects: smoke & fire)
              DCM_AIR_BOMBING - turn on airbomb missions
              DCM_RANGE_BOMBARD - turn on ranged bombarding
              DCM_CIV_CHANGER - turn on civ changer
              DCM_CIV_CHANGER_MODE - modders value only (what mode civ changer runs in)
              DCM_CIV_CHANGER_CHANGES - how many times you can change civ
              DCM_STACK_ATTACK - turn on stack attacking
              DCM_OPP_FIRE - turn on opportunity fire (fortified siege barrage approaching units)
              DCM_ACTIVE_DEFENSE - turn on fighter active defense (fighters on intercept strafe approaching ground units)
              DCM_ARCHER_BOMBARD - turn on archer barrage (similar to FFH archer barrage)
              DCM_FIGHTER_ENGAGE - turn on fighter engagement mission (fighters dogfight enemy fighers)


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                Another question Dale, Alexander here has 4 traits?

                How do you get this?

                I remember you were so gracsious and kind to do this for me in Warlords I believe

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                Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah


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                  Ahh.... thats Civ Customiser.

                  I had to drop it from DCM as it was buggy and causing very unstable AI code (lockups and crashes). Also, there was a bug in the traits where sometimes the trait effects wouldn't stick.

                  Sorry mate.


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                    Originally posted by Dale
                    Ahh.... thats Civ Customiser.

                    I had to drop it from DCM as it was buggy and causing very unstable AI code (lockups and crashes). Also, there was a bug in the traits where sometimes the trait effects wouldn't stick.

                    Sorry mate.
                    Its ok, was a very,very cool idea
                    Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah


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                      I love it!

                      Im in a 4 way battle on huge map with 7 continents

                      Turn 445..battling like crazy!!!

                      SOL'S and massive coastlines to patrol....AI really hits hard..out of blue..8 or so Galleons..trebuchets, Knights,and a few various units..thanks for the bombard functions..really helps!!!
                      Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah


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                        just one ?

                        first let me say the whole feel of the game is better. more real... i was triing the pacific first and played us and choose random historical... and the japs never attacked me i stop playing at 7/1943 and still no attack and could not declare war. i didnt want to be trap by the historical version. and i had a bad exp with total random ie at war with some allies and japs had nukes in 1943. what im i doing wrong. ps i've got to newest patch and version thanks in adv.


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                          Great work! In my opinion, this is by far the most glaring problem with Civ III, IV and you have fixed it. I even broke down and ordered Civ IV -- heaven forbid!! -- now that I know you have fixed the horrible combat system. I just hope there are more people that like this mod so we can play multi-player using it.




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                            I got a bug to report. When I try to attack this city (I attack without my chariot/general/medic), it crashes. I have Visual Studio, so I don't know the exact error display (it pops up instead of a windows message). Also, I can't switch civs. Only shows my civ to switch too.

                            I think its related to the GlobalDefinedAtl file, where I had the same problem as Gramps. But I could be wrong.

                            I have the latest patch, and also BlueMarble 4.0 gold edition.
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                              just for fun, I try attacking with quick offense on. It didn't crash. I don't know if the attack was still en mass though.
                              Former President, Vice-president and Foreign Minister of the Apolyton Civ2-Democracy Games as 123john321