NextWar: Revolutions

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This is a merge between jdog5000's Revolution mod and jkp1187's Not Just Another NextWar Mod.

Not Just Another NextWar Mod
is intended to be an corrective for the Next War epic mod provided with Beyond the Sword. It attempts to correct some deficiencies in game play (the Space Race is now a viable victory condition,) add a few features to enhance game play (resource depletion is now an option; new voice-overs are provided for the NextWar techs, new Random Events have been added,) without significantly altering the game. No new units have been added, and only one new technology (Astrogation, as part of the reworked Space Race.) This mod was created by jkp1187.

adds a new series of rules to the game that permits new empires to rise and existing empires to break-up due to internal factors. Barbarian tribes may settle down and form new full-fledged civilizations, overseas colonies may attempt to secede from an oppressive motherland, and discontented citizens of cities at home may revolt. Revolution was created by jdog5000, and is included in this mod with his permission.

For the convenience of the players, the readme files for both mods are included in the Civilopedia under "Beyond the Sword Concepts". Please refer to these entries for more details.