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Welcome to Civ4: Col - READ FIRST!

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  • Welcome to Civ4: Col - READ FIRST!

    Welcome to the Apolyton Civ4: Colonization forums! This is the place to chat about anything and everything Civ4: Col.

    This thread has the Forum Guidelines and links to useful and important threads/information.

    Drop me a PM if there is anything I can do to help.

    Please keep in mind you are not the only one reading this forum, and have fun.


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    Forum Guidelines:

    Our goal is to maintain a friendly forum environment and we’ve organized some guidelines to keep in mind when posting.

    Here’s a quick rundown on what to do and what to avoid in order to help us keep the forums running smoothly.

    Guidelines - Posting etiquette
    • Keep posts relevant
    • Work out differences politely
    • Be respectful when posting about religious, political, or otherwise controversial content
    • Keep subject titles direct, descriptive and accurate
    • Use caps and repeated punctuation judiciously
    • Do not create multiple threads for one topic or post your thread in every category
    • Do not post blank messages

    Thread Titles - Finding things easily
    • In the interest of forum navigation please use the following conventions for the title to indicate what sort of info is in the thread:
    [MOD] - A modification for the game
    [STORY] - For stories and AARs (After Action Reports)
    [TUTE] - To contain any tutorials on "how to do" stuff
    [UNIVERSITY] - In-depth analysis and articles to help teach other players

    Behavior – Help keep the forums a fun place
    • Keep posts clean: free of vulgarity, racism, profanity, and bigotry
    • No personal attacks: don't flame, troll, insult, harass, threaten, rant
    • Do not impersonate others
    • Do not post personal information about others
    • No advertising/spamming
    • Have a sense of humor!

    Illegal Activities – What to avoid
    • Do not post copyrighted material
    • Do not discuss illegal activities
    • Do not share accounts
    • Do not ask for or give out serial numbers

    Moderators and Staff – We’re here to help
    • Respect the decisions of the moderators and staff
    • Do not publicize private conversations between yourself and the moderators/staff
    • If necessary, we may have to remove posts or users who repeatedly violate our rules

    If you notice something inappropriate posted on the boards, please alert a staff member so that we can address it.
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      Important Links:

      - Civ4 Col Info Centre: here
      - Civ4 Col Apolyton Section: here
      - Civ4 Col Announcement thread (historical): here

      Apolyton Exclusives:
      - Polycast Special on C4C with Firaxis: here
      - Civ4 Col Box Art exclusive: here

      (P)reviews & Articles:
      - (P)reviews & Articles thread: here

      - Official Firaxis 1.01f patch: here
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