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Not happy with the new update.

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  • Dinner
    I don't think many people qere happy with BE, period.

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  • Joseph
    started a topic Not happy with the new update.

    Not happy with the new update.

    Firaxis has now updated Rising tide. Either the A.I. is much stronger or the Human player is a lot weaker. Before the update, you could move your Cruiser into range to attack a city, and then move one space, so the city could not attack your ship. No longer can you move back one space. The city now attack your cruiser the next turn with 40% to 50% Damage. And it takes maybe 10 turn before your Cruiser will 100% ready to attack again. My Marine vs. the AI Marine. You move one step to attack it. The AI Marine receive 10% damage. The next turn, the 90% AI Marine hit your Marine with 15% to 20% damage. I had a Sub attacking a city, so I move an Armour Unit under the Sub. The next turn the AI City sunk the Armour with one shot, and did nothing to the Sub.