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  • CivBE Tech Web

    An interactive Tech Web posted here:

    Thanks to Firaxis (especially Kevin Schultz for putting up with all my questions and requests) and 2K Games for providing art assets, game info, and helping make this possible! Also thanks to pixi.js and mousetrap.js for their awesome libraries that make this technically possible to run so smoothly.

    • There is a full screen version of the Tech Web

    • The [] icon in the upper right on the full screen version will make the Tech Web full screen on most modern browsers.

    • Zoom buttons on the top bar work in full screen and iframe. + and - keys will work in full screen version only.

    • Overall science accumulation updates, but does not take into account any free techs or any modifiers (eg. number of cities)

    • Affinity points update according to tech selections. Since it results in some kinda weird situations because of being able to deselect techs ... there is a different scale based on which Affinity is dominant and which are not.

    • Right clicking on the Tech Web and choosing "save image as" will save a PNG image of whatever is viewable on the tech web at the time.

    • If you run into any issues or have any ideas on how to improve the Tech Web mockup, please let us know!

    UPDATES: (CTRL-F5 on the tech web page to clear the browser cache and see changes)

    - Power Systems tech now properly shows +1 Production for Quarry improvements rather than for Mine improvements.
    - Tooltip on Add Miasma now says Add Miasma rather than Remove Miasma.
    - Affinity accumulation bugs squashed.
    - Cytonursery's tooltip now shows the bonus Food to Marsh.
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    [already fixed]It looks like there's a bug when moving a non-dominant Affinity to dominant. Say, you go Purity 6 and then go to Supremacy 7 ... it's counting all the Supremacy as if it were dominant the whole time on that last click, instead of just the last (portion of) level 7. This jumps you ahead on that newly-dominant Affinity.

    I'll get that fixed, just wanted to say something before anyone gets any ideas about Affinity slingshots that don't exist

    This won't be a common thing in-game (since it's a bad idea most of the time to choose Purity 6 and Supremacy 7 over say, Purity 10 or Supremacy 10. The most "wide" Affinity that looks useful to me (at least until you max out one as far as you want to go) is going to 4 in the two non-dominant, to get the level 4 Affinity uniques. Then you can use all your Strategic Resources instead of just having something to trade away.
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      Hi, I just stumbled across your interactive Tech Tree and am very impressed. I would love to tinker with the layout and try and get myself a more linear layout, would you allow that? And, more importantly, would you release an 'uncompressed' (for lack of a better word) source code to me?

      Please feel free to send me a PM.
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        I was planning on writing up a pixi.js tutorial based on it and posting that later. In the meantime, I've posted the unminified tech web files here:

        Let us know what you come up with
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          Welp, I guess you can call that "proof of concept"? Considering I was working with the minified JS I am happy with that.

          Now I "only" need to figure out how to arrange them. Maybe we can talk about this? I have Skype/Steam/IRC (is anyone still using that?).



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            Cool ... It does get kinda messy. Any chance you were thinking of making a German localized version?

            It might fit the theme of the tech tree better to have the leaf techs just be dead-end techs rather than under the nodes. The forums are the easiest way for me to keep track of a conversation, and might draw in other people who are interested in similar projects.
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              Just eyeballing it, bringing Ecology and Computing inside Genetics and Alien Sciences, then swapping Chemistry and Engineering around Physics cleans up most of the crossing on Tier 2 and 3. Also Synergetics on T5 should be very easy to move somewhere "clean" once Chemistry is moved.

              Main problem at that point is Organics to Cognition.
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                Mind adding me in Skype or some other IM program? Going to be much easier than in the forum... Name is the same as here in the forum.
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                  Facebook or gmail? I almost never open Skype up.

                  Facebook: josephseeley
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                    Link to latest version of the "LTT (Linear Tech Tree)".

                    Overall I really like how it turned out. Basically I was trying to emulate the CivV tech tree with techs of the same cost ("of the same tier") below each other. Still a rough 'first version', but I think it is way cleaner than that stupid TechWeb (there, I said it).

                    Given the 'circly' nature of the original TechWeb I was expecting a lot more 'wraparounds', where a tech at the top of my linear version is connected to one at the bottom. As I was mainly aiming for a better visualization of the TechWeb, I solved that problem by inserting two 'ghost' techs ('Ghost Organics' and 'Ghost Cognition'), which means that 'Cognition' and 'Organics' aren't actually connected anymore in my version and as such don't enable each other.

                    If you want to fiddle around with the structure of the tree I created a very VERY rough Drag&Drop enabled version of the tree, with only the node techs visible, see here.

                    By the way, I added you on Google+ Aeson I think.

                    Edit: Posted it to reddit, hope you don't mind (link).
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                      You can also just add me on Steam, name is Flipp87. Might be easier than G+.


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                        Looks good

                        Though I do prefer the Tech Web ... makes it at least look more open ended. The game plays more open ended because of how wide the tree is and all the dead-end optional techs.
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                          I got caught up in university stuff the last two days, was only able to do some quick and dirty tests. I guess the good news is that porting the layouts into the game should be really easy.

                          This then leads to the question on how to proceed from here. I still can't answer PMs and I think this is way easier dealt with in a direct chat, unfortunately we seem to be in pretty different timezones, but... you seem to be online right now, so... how about G+ or Steam right now Aeson?


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                            +1 for my postcount, last call!


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                              I'm loading up Steam right now. (Have a lot to do each morning when I wake up.)
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