Hi, I'm Matthew and I'm a book-and-dvd-aholic.

My addiction began early with my love of comic books. Later at age 12 or 13 I started reading Animorphs. Later I read Neuromancer by William Gibson, and since then I've been reading plenty.
I've always looked for a book that connected all the events in history, cultures and how it relates to the individual.
But I've never been able to find it.
Thus if such a book is not out there, there's an open market for it.
Thus I have decided to write my own novel connecting everything.
But first I needed a general map of how technologies and events and beliefs inter-related. It was on Apolyton that I came across a post that was called "my complete technology tree" by DanQ.
There was a conversation held over what techs came before what, and what other ones were invovled in the new technologies.
Thus I will in the next series of posts share DanQ's extraordinary tech timeline, based on his ten-epoch approach.
In further posts I will explore how these relate to developmental theories and history models written nearly a century ago.
I hope you enjoy this and keep reading my posts.
Cheers, Matt